NASA puts InSight experiment on hold because one stubborn rock is blocking their instruments

InSight picked scissors, so it lost to rock.

InSight lander detects mysterious dips in air pressure on Red Planet (and shares Martian weather forecast)

One day, checking the weather on Mars in real-time will be as easy as googling it.

InSight beams back its first selfie — and what a treat!

It’s kinda vain but we like it!

InSight stretches its solar panels, beams back first clear photo from Mars

Everything is working according to plan on Mars.

Touchdown: NASA’s InSight probe safely lands on Mars

The probe will study ‘marsquakes’.

NASA’s next mission to Mars will map the planet’s interior, scheduled for May 5th

We’ll learn more about our own home in the process, things that we never could here on Earth.