France to stop reimbursing homeopathic treatments

The reason is pretty simple: there’s no evidence that it works.

Neanderthals were compassionate caregivers, researchers suggest

They took care of their community members without expecting anything in return.

At least a third of Brits live with chronic pain

Scientists estimate that 43% of Brits now experience chronic pain or around 28 million people.

Business Intelligence Tools for Modern Healthcare

The often hectic nature common to the healthcare field can make recording vital information a time intensive and stressful task. Customer service remains a consistent concern for healthcare operations; maintaining effective customer service protocols requires the ability to develop an extensive business database that allows for detailed analysis. Businesses turn to healthcare business intelligence tools to optimize insight creation and

Healthcare Engineering Trends Today

Healthcare has been changing at a rapid pace the last few years. Now, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there are even bigger changes in the near future. As the face of healthcare changes, so must the facilities used by healthcare professionals. In an attempt to keep costs down hospitals will become places for the sickest of