Want to improve your mood quickly? Look at people around you and, genuinely, wish them well

Seems simple enough!

Immigrants to the US are happier later in life than natives — despite generally being worse off financially

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Researchers map how our sensitivity to emotions change over time

In a bout of positive news, people are very good at spotting happiness throughout their lives. Anger and fear, not so much.

Setting attainable goals makes us happier, even if we fail

Sometimes less really is more.

New research shows air pollution sours our mood and makes us unhappy

The study was performed on Chinese cities — but the air pollution problem is very much a global one.

Happiness exercises could help those recovering from substance abuse

I’m not recovering from anything and I still need these exercises in my life.

Americans are happier in states that spend more on public goods like libraries and parks

Useful information for policymakers.

Giving, not receiving, is the secret to happiness unceasing

Hope you prepared a lot of gifts this Christmass!

Humor and acceptance oust conflict and bickering in long-time marriages

The old that is strong does not wither!

How happy you are may depend on the type of personality

Your personality matters more than your paycheck or social circle when it comes to being happy.

Life satisfaction hinges not on what you do — but who you do it with

It’s dangerous to go alone — take some friends.

French scientists looked at what makes dolphins happy — and they’re very much like us

Quality time with friends makes anyone happy.

You can’t chase your happiness and have it too — you must let it come to you

Chasing happiness might be what’s pushing it away.

Put your phone away if you want to enjoy your night out, study suggests

Unlike apps, happiness doesn’t seem to come through your phone.

Riches make your happiness about yourself, a tight budget makes it about others

Ironically, if you don’t make enough € you probably have more pressing concerns than making art.

Physical activity, whether or not it’s exercise, makes you happier

Move if you want to be happy!

Study finds viewing selfies on social media can make you miserable or jolly — depending on how you see yourself

Seriously, why are selfies a thing?

Citizens are happier in countries where the government intervenes more frequently in the economy

Who knew that governments can make people happier?

Equation suggests other people’s fortunes affects our happiness, and inequality makes us very unhappy

As if finding happiness wasn’t complicated enough, we now have a multi-variable equation.

The science of why you should buy experiences, not things

The science of happiness is still a youthful and controversial field, but one thing seems to be clear: there’s only so much money and comfort can bring. Economic growth doesn’t translate to happiness. Sure, people in developed countries often tend to be happier than those in developing countries, but generally speaking money doesn’t bring more happiness – it just brings less sadness.