Five ways to manage hangovers that anybody can apply

They all boil down to “treat yo’ body right”.

The science of hangovers or why you feel like crap after a night of heavy drinking

This is actually pretty complicated.

The best cure against hangovers is drinking less

Is this our most obvious, useless headline yet? Might be, but don’t hate the messenger. I’m just reiterating the findings of Canadian and Dutch researchers who performed two distinct studies to see what’s the best relief against hangovers. Their conclusions are stark: there is no proven remedy against hangovers. If you want to avoid feeling like train wreck in the morning you should simply drink less.

Australian scientists reportedly found a cure for hangover

CSIRO, Australia’s peak science body has reportedly discovered one of the more sought after cures in human history: the cure for a hangover. The secret? A simple fruit, the pear.

‘Sprite’ and soda water best cures against hangover

Drinking until the early hours of dawn may be exhilarating for some, however the next day everything seems to tumble over as the mind is assaulted by a barrage of hangover attacks. There are a number of popular home-brewed remedies against hangover: eating eggs, sipping a bit of castor oil, Vitamin B effervescent pills, tomato sauce, work (or anything that

Cure for the hangover possibly found

In a promising discovery for students and party aninals all over the world, a team of researchers led by UCLA engineers has identified a method for speeding up the body’s reaction to alcohol consumption – practically elimining the hangover. Researchers take their hangovers really seriously – in a paper published online Feb. 17 in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Nanotechnology, Yunfeng