Watch out! More pedestrians are killed by cars on Halloween than any other regular evening

Kids aged 4 to 8 are the most at risk.

This Halloween, do the right thing — fight food waste and eat your pumpkin

Billions of pounds of pumpkin will end up in the landfill, not on a plate.

NASA releases creepy space sounds for Halloween

Ever wondered how Halloween sounds like in space?

Tricked into a treat: excessive amount of black licorice can be dangerous, FDA warns

Few people are aware that too much black licorice can be very dangerous.

NASA’s pumpkin competition absolutely smashes everything else

It’s out of this world.

Halloween Pumpkins – Where do they come from?

We love carving pumpkins… but why do we do it?

Why do some people love horror movies?

With Halloween just around the corner, preparations in light of the impending artificial ghoul frenzy run amok through each┬áneighborhood. Haunted houses, wild theme parties, trick or treating and as always an onslaught of horror flicks releases from Hollywood. Despite Halloween being considered an idle release time, horror movies have always found an audience no matter the time of year they’re

Check out the Petman robot workout – frighteningly realistic [VIDEO]

I’m pretty sure some of you went out costumed as robots this Halloween weekend, be it as Star Wars’ C3PO (there’s always one at every party, and it never gets lame) or you simply strapped on a drawn out cardboard box. Well, I hope you all had your fair share of laughs and scares, but although we’re all back to

The myths and folklore behind Halloween’s most popular characters

The spooky Halloween is almost upon us, and the monsters are rubbing their hands, waiting to come out and create chaos and mayhem. But even though kids costume themselves and all, a lot has changed since the early days of Samhaim, the pagan festival from which Halloween originated. In ancient Ireland fairies roamed the streets, playing malicious tricks on everybody

A short history of Halloween

The 2008 Halloween is almost here, and it seems to be the word on everybody’s lips this time of year. It’s celebrated mostly in America, but not so many people know about it’s origins, how it developed, and how it’s different from what it used to be many years ago. This is by no means an exhaustive resource, just a