Fractal: the stunning beauty of Earth’s megastorms seen through Chad Cowan’s eyes


Physicists net fractal butterfly which explains electron behaviour

What you’re seeing above is the Hofstadter’s butterfly – a mathematical object describing the theorised behaviour of electrons in a strong magnetic field. It took physicists 40 years, but they have finally found experimental evidence that the model, proposed in 1976 by Douglas Hofstadter is valid. Thing is, to catch this kind of fractal butterfly, you need a special type

3D-Printed Fractal structures are ultralight and extrastrong

  Remember fractals? Those incredible structures that arise from the apparent random variability of both the mathematical and the real universe. A few years after prof. Mandelbrot published his work on what he defined as fractals, swarms of ideas exploded in the minds of scientist: they turned out to be an astonishing revelation in understanding the structure of the universe –

Our brains may be wired to think logarithmically – not linearly

What’s halfway between 1 and 9? If you’re like most people, you’d answer 5 or 4.5 – which is fine. But if you take a 6 year old kid on the other hand and ask him the same question, the odds are he’ll answer 3. According to a recent study, the great majority of children and illiterate people will answer