Just 20% of US students learn a foreign language — compared to 92% in Europe

This seems to be a systemic problem.

It might be easier to tell a lie in a foreign language — relatively speaking

Well, this is unexpected.

Science shows what’s the best time to learn a foreign language

You shouldn’t let this discourage you though.

You can still remember a foreign language even if you think it’s forever forgotten

Exposure to a foreign language even at a meager age of six months can stick with you well into adulthood.

Your brain detects grammar errors even when you’re not aware of them

A rather debatable theory in psychology says  the brain detects grammar errors even when we don’t consciously pay attention to them, sort of working on autopilot. Now, researchers at University of Oregon have come with  tangible evidence pointing toward this idea after they performed a brain scan study. The team of psychologists, led by Laura Batterink, a postdoctoral researcher, invited native-English speaking

Babies can tell two languages apart as early as seven months-old

A new study by scientists at University of British Columbia and Université Paris Descartes found that babies growing up in bilingual environments are more than well equipped to tackle the challenge of distinguishing between the two from a very early age – as young as seven months old according to the findings. Scientists, linguistics and neurologists mostly, have always been

Humans think more rationally in a foreign language, study finds

“Would you make the same decisions in a foreign language as you would in your native tongue?” asks Boaz Keysar, a psychologist at University of Chicago, who recently published a study which discusses this highly interesting question. The scientists involved in the study found that, indeed, counter to popular belief thinking in a foreign language makes take you more rational