Efforts ramp up to heal Florida’s manatees amid algal blood

Please don’t let the manatees die, they’re so cute!

Miami launches bacteria-infected mosquitoes to fight Zika virus

If infected male mosquitoes mate with non-infected females, the eggs will not hatch.

Miami Beach mosquitoes are carrying Zika, tests confirm

They’re a really tough species to fight.

Florida’s coastlines are choke-full with guacamole-like algae blooms

Just as green, but with 1000% more “ew.”

Nile Crocodile enters Florida, researchers find

Scientists from the University of Florida have mate a startling discovery: Nile Crocodiles are now in Florida

Florida quarantines farmlands to contain the Oriental Fruit Fly

Florida’s farmlands are under attack by a highly destructive pest, the Oriental Fruit Fly, and authorities have quarantined some 85 square miles of land and the food grown there in an effort to contain the insect.

A fifth of Florida’s pumas were killed in car collisions

There are less than 100 pumas left in Florida’s wilds, and 17 were killed in collisions with cars, which is even more than in 2008 (when 10 such magnificent creatures found their death after being hit by a car) and 2007 (15). For me, it’s absolutely heart breaking to see this happening. You’d expect people to learn, after panther numbers