Dogs really help people stay fit, new study shows

As if dogs weren’t precious enough, they also help with our fitness — new research shows that dog owners are 400% more likely to meet recommended physical activity guidelines.

Staying fit is a great way to stave off dementia

Want to avoid dementia? Just stay fit.

Jymmin combines working out with music, makes people feel less pain

Scientists paired music composition software with sensors attached to the fitness machines.

Poor fitness leads to poor brain health, new study finds

Mens sana in corpore sanome

Long-term exposure to mictrogravity can lower physical fitness down by half

And exercise doesn’t fix it.

Owning a dog will make you healthier

While a dog’s psychological value to its owner is very much attested, helping cure loneliness and such, a recent study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, finds that people who own and walk a dog are 34 percent more likely to meet federal benchmarks for physical activity. “Walking is the most accessible form of physical activity available