Number of fishing vessels doubles while fish stocks crumble

There is fewer fish in the ocean — and we’re sending more ships to catch them than ever.

Shark numbers plummet by 92% in Australian waters

Sharks are declining at an alarming rate.

Old fish don’t want to swim deep — but we’re fishing them all out of shallow waters

What we thought is a natural law is probably ‘just’ impending ecological breakdown.

Dolphins, otters, and seals killed and used as bait in global fisheries

It’s an undocumented practice — we don’t know how widespread and widely used it is.

Greenland, Faroe Islands to stop commercial fishing of wild salmon for 12 years

The deal was made possible by the efforts of the Atlantic Salmon Federation and North Atlantic Salmon Fund.

Cyprian dolphins resort to chewing through fishing nets due to overfishing

We’re not giving them any other option.

In 2016, fishing ships cast their nets on over 55% of the ocean surface

That’s a lot of fishing.

Fishing banned in the thawing Arctic for the next 16 years in historic pact

Sometimes, the world can work together for the common gold.

Trump administration eliminates new protection for endangered whales and turtles

It’s not a good year for the environment.

Oldest fishing hooks ever found show humans were fishing for longer than we’ve thought

Found on the island of Okinawa, these hooks show fish has been on the menu longer than we’ve though before.

There is still hope: scientists show how fisheries can double production

A new research modeled thousands of fisheries from around the world and found that a straightforward economic reform will not only help fisheries recover in only ten years, but double production by 2050.

Mission set to study deep underwater mountains

The RRS James Cook, an UK research vessel, will spend six weeks studying the deep sea mountains of the Indian Ocean, as well as the animals located several thousands of meters below sea level. The purpose of this mission quite challenging. This year, a report published in the journal of Marine Policyfound that trawling is one of the most damaging