U.S. Army designs more powerful, less toxic explosive to replace TNT

Sometimes you just have to blow stuff up!

Spinach doped with carbon nanotubes turns into explosive detector

The next generation of monitor sensing could be half plant, half machine.

Hurricane Matthews exposed a trove of Civil War cannonballs in South Carolina

Oldies but still dangerous.

Detecting explosives with an artificial dog nose

In an age where the developing world is shadowed by paranoia in face of waves of terrorist attacks, no measure of precaution is spared. Preventing terrorist attacks has been a top priority for governments for a long time, especially since 9/11, and detecting explosives at critical check-ins like airport and customs makes for the first line of the¬†defense. While we’re

Bee venom could be used to detect explosives and pesticides

A remarkable MIT research has found that by coating carbon nano-tubes with bee venom they can create incredibly faithful sensor detectors for explosives,  such as TNT, as well as at least two different types of pesticides. The find came after MIT chemists, lead by Michael Strano, coated one-atom-thick tubes of carbon with protein fragments found in bee venom saw that