Light-weight tethered exoskeleton helps you run faster and longer

You know this is serious business when it’s funded by the military.

Muscle-like fabric could turn regular clothes into ‘Superman suits’

The fibers could be woven in clothes so those who have disabilities can enhance their mobility.

New exoskeleton helps disabled people get back on their feet

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the future is here.

Amber reveals ancient insect that was literally scared out of its skin

After leaving its exoskeleton behind, the insect narrowly avoided amber entombment.

Designed for astronauts, the RoboHand can double your hand’s strength — and soon, it will be available on Earth


Pheonix exoskeleton wants to make wheelchairs obsolete

“Unless you’ve been in a wheelchair, it’s very difficult to see all the various small details – what a person would actually need within an exoframe,” said one Phoenix exoskeleton user. Developed by California robotics startup SuitX, this exoskeleton is the lightest on the market today. It’s aim is to eventually become so cheap, durable and practical that it will make the wheelchair obsolete and the lives of millions of paraplegics a lot less daunting.

Iron Man-like exoskeleton enables paralyzed Japanese man to visit France

Seiji Uchida is 49 years old and for the past 28 years he’s been left paralyzed from the waist down and to one of his arms after a dreadful car accident. He’s never lost hope of walking on his own two feet ever since, though, and now thanks to the marvels of Japanese robotics, his dream of his visiting  the