Helium exoplanet inflates like a balloon

Helium was predicted to be one of the most common elements of exoplanets, but was only recently observed for the first time.

Earth’s green history may help scientists spot plant life on alien planets

Thanks, plants!

Scientists find baby exoplanets using a completely new method

The method is a lot like tracing the ripples made by a rock thrown in a pond.

Cloud-free exoplanet provides best evidence of sodium in planets outside our solar system so far

A cloudless exoplanet has become a benchmark for astronomers to gauge sodium content in alien worlds.

Astronomers find helium in exoplanet’s atmosphere for the first time

It took abnormally look considering helium is the 2nd most abundant element in the universe.

Kepler — the spacecraft that discovered thousands of alien worlds — is running on its last drops of fuel

It will have time to find just a couple more candidate exoplanets.

15 new planets discovered — one is potentially habitable

Three of the newly-discovered planets are so-called super-Earths.

Hunt for planets through Kepler’s data with this newly released Google code

Space exploration made easy.

Astronomers find unique water-rich exoplanet similar in mass with Saturn

This odd world hundreds of light-years away could teach us about how planets in our solar system formed.

New Earth-sized exoplanet found nearby might be ‘comfy’ enough for life

Who knows — this might make a great second home.

Evidence keeps pilling up in favor of the mysterious Planet Nine

A ninth planet 10 times bigger than Earth might be lurking far away within the solar system.

Revolutionary optical upgrade enables ground-based telescopes to hunt for alien planets

This could be a game changer.

Odd Jupiter-sized exoplanet is hot enough to melt metal but paradoxically pitch-black

It’s the ‘blackest’ planet we’ve found.

Scientists may have found the first exomoon. It looks like it’s the size of Neptune

It’s the best candidate for an alien moon we’ve encountered so far.

Scorching exoplanet is hotter than most stars. It’s so hot it might even leave a trail of atomic gas like a comet

That’s one hot tomato!

Puffy exoplanet is as dense as styrofoam. The unusual find could help find habitable alien planets

An extraordinarily inflated planet could prove very lucrative in our quest to find other habitable planets.

NASA finds 7 Earth-sized planets in a star nearby. Three are in the habitable zone

What a great day for science!

Tomorrow, NASA will announce major “discovery beyond the solar system” during press conference

It’s press only, but NASA made sure everyone can follow the talks and even get a question in.

You can search for your own exoplanets — Researchers make huge dataset available

The search for extraterrestrial life is about to get some new recruits — us.

Astronomers shoot incredible image of Jupiter-sized alien planet and its parent star 1,200 light-years away

A glimpse from outer space.