Why music makes you feel less tired while exercising

Music activates a specific brain region that suppresses the sense of fatigue.

Never skip leg day: study finds hind leg inactivity causes neurological problems in mice

Physical exercise is critical to brain health.

Drinking two glasses of wine a day, keeps premature death away

A study found moderately drinking wine lowered risk of premature death more than exercising.

Constant physical exercise reverses damage done to the heart by aging and sedentary lifestyle

The secret is to exercise five times a week in a diversified way.

Exercising improves nicotine withdrawal symptoms, helps to quit smoking

If you want to quit smoking, you should definitely try physical exercise more.

Cycling while playing virtual reality games: will this convince people to exercise?

Is this genius or lame? We can’t really tell for now.

Regularly exercising reduces risk of dementia by 40%

We’ve all read and heard about how exercise can dramatically boost our quality of living, but how many people actually take action? Very few. Less than 20% of Americans over the age of 18 meet the official recommended guidelines. This is really alarming, because what most people don’t know is that mild exercising has fantastic returns, similarly to the 20/80 rule

Exercising helps preserve vision for the elderly

Physical workouts, be it simple home fitness, represent a golden standard for living a healthy life. Researchers at Emory University recently proved another key benefit to exercising, one especially useful to the elderly, after they found that even taking a few short walks a day can vastly curb  macular degeneration – the leading cause for loss of vision. Studies that focus