Black hole picture shown for the first time

A historic moment in science that pushes the limits of human knowledge.

The first ever photo of a black hole might be revealed this week

On Wednesday, physicists will make a historical announcement.

Nothing can escape a black hole’s clutch — and this proves Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (again)

Ready to sink your teeth into some black holes?

Black holes store information as holograms at the event horizon, says Stephen Hawking

Nothing can escape a black hole, not even light, any scientists schooled in modern physics will tell you. Eminent British physicists, Stephen Hawking, suggests however that information is still retained at the boundary of black holes, known as the event horizon.

Scientists claim incredibly small stars emerge from black holes

Black holes have fascinated both researchers and laymen for decades. Without a doubt, they are the point of maximum interest in terms of astrophysical research – objects with an incredibly large mass – so large that even light itself can’t escape it… what secrets do these objects still hold? According to Carlo Rovelli at the University of Toulon in France,

Astronomers find star orbiting a black hole in the center of our galaxy

Einstein’s theory, as well as other theories about the fundamental space-time fabric around a black hole may be strongly tested, after astronomers report the finding of a a star that orbits an enormous black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Scientists explain it takes the star 11 and a half years to orbit the black hole, making

Achieving the unbelievable: taking a picture of a black hole

Black Holes are the least understood entities, so far, in the Universe. However, if there’s one thing scientists know for sure about them, it’s that they’re the most extreme environment in cosmos. Black Holes have such a powerful, relentless gravity pull that it swallows absolutely everything in its vicinity, even light gets absorbed with zero reflection. This makes it practically

What’s a black hole?

Black holes are some of the most interesting and puzzling phenomena we have encountered so far; everybody has heard of them, from movies or books or whatever, but there are many misconceptions or just things most people don’t know about them, so we’re going to take a journey to the “bowels” of a black hole. I won’t get into the