Charcoal toothpastes don’t work and are a ‘marketing gimmick’

Stop washing your teeth with charcoal, scientists urge.

Neanderthal children endured harsh winters and lead poisoning 250,000 years ago

However, their mothers still too care of them as best of they could.

Despite oral hygiene, chewing still leaves nanowear on teeth

This fundamental understanding could lead to better oral health but also new insights in evolutionary biology.

An Alzheimer’s drug could become the unlikely replacer of fillings

No more of that awful drilling in your teeth.

Scientists figure out where enamel came from

Enamel, the hard, mineralized substance that covers your teeth originated on tough fish scales and then migrated to the teeth, researchers found

Drinking energy drinks is like bathing your teeth in acid

Energy and sports drink do give you a quick rush when you might feel like nothing else can do the trick for you – but at a huge cost. Aside from all the other downsides, which include heart and stomach issues, researchers have now shown that people who drink this kind of drinks are essentially ‘bathing their teeth in acid’.