Ravens can transmit negative emotions from one another, just like humans

Ravens can get emotionally down from contact with other ‘moody’ ravens.

The origin of empathy might lie in the need to simulate other people’s thoughts

Empathy basically evolve in order to “mind read” other people.

Being empathetic might put you at risk of relapsing as a coping mechanism

With great empathy comes great stress as well!

The right video game can help children develop empathy and better emotional control

The game is only being used for research purposes and is not available to the public, but has helped inform other games being submitted to the FDA for clinical applications.

Empathy might also be part genetic, a new study concludes

Don’t blame it on genetics though.

Emotional Intelligence makes better doctors — but bossy doctors lose empathy

Does assertiveness make us lose our empathy?

Scientists used brain stimulation to shut off the self-control center

Just a little electricity can change how you make any choice.

Study ranks 63 countries by empathy, Ecuador tops the list

How nice are your neighbours?

Religion and science: is there really a divide ?

Religious people were found to be more empathic, meaning they identified more with the feelings and struggles of other people. As such, the perceived divide between science and religion may be rooted in brain wiring.

Voles show care for and comfort distressed mates

A study from Emory University looking into prairie voles’ consoling behaviors provides new evidence in support of animal empathy. The tests had pairs of voles isolated from each other, one being exposed to mild electric shocks, to study how the rodents react to a distressed mate.

Rats rescue their friends from drowning out of empathy (and kindness)

We use the word “humane” to describe kind behavior and sympathy towards others, but the term might falsely lend some to believe that this is an exclusive human quality. Far from it. Rats too are kind, sympathetic and as “humane” as any human. For instance, when their peers are in danger of drowning, rats will come to their aid to save them. Even when a tasty treat, like chocolate, is offered instead the rat will most often than not choose to help his dying friend. To hell with chocolate!

Stress undermines empathic abilities in men but increases them in women, research claims

When males get more stressed, they tend to become more self centered, losing some of the ability to distinguish their own emotions and intentions from those of other people. For women the exact opposite is true. However, for you people who only read the first line and skim the rest: Women without stress were on average equally as egocentric as

Niceness is in your genes: scientists find pro-social behavior is influenced by genetics

A study performed last year observed that identical twins, who share 100% of the same genetic material and had the same upbringing, expressed a very similar attitude towards civic behavior and care-giving, whilst fraternal twins, who share 50% of their genes and, again, had the same upbringing, did not necessarily share the same pro-social attitude as the identical twins. This