Archaeologists opened the big, black sarcophagus found in Egypt

Now, what’s in the big black box?

From the pyramids to Stonehenge – were prehistoric people astronomers?

Were prehistoric people really capable of astronomy?

Archaeologists discover stunning Greco-Roman temple in the Egyptian desert

It’s not an everyday find.

Archaeologists discover the 4,400-year-old tomb of a high ranking Egyptian priestess

It’s a rare glimpse into the life of an Egyptian priestess.

DNA study shows 4,000 year-old mummies are half brothers

The Two Brothers turned out to be, in fact, brothers. But it wasn’t an easy feat.

Egyptian Archaeologists find 3,500 year old multi-tomb in Luxor

You thought we found everything, didn’t you?

Ancient prosthesis: a 3000-year-old Egyptian wooden toe

It belonged to the daughter of a priest close to the royal family.

First DNA analysis of mummies shows ancient and modern Egyptians don’t really have much in common anymore

An unprecedented research which will pave the way for more ancient mummy genome sequencing.

Intact, 3,800 year-old tomb uncovered in Egypt

It’s the 14th family member archaeologists have found in the area.

Mummified knees likely belonged to one of Ancient Egypt’s most famous queens, Nefertari

Scientists only had her knees to work with but are confident they belonged to the late queen.

Forensic experts reconstruct the face of a 2,300 year old Egyptian mummy

This is the closest we’ve come to seeing an ancient Egyptian woman.

Archaeologists uncover 4,500-year-old 59-foot boat at a site in Egypt

Archaeologists from the Charles University in Prague have made a stunning discovery in Egypt: they found a stunningly well preserved long boat, buried for four and a half millennia. The discovery was made at Abusir, “the House or Temple of Osiris” and an extensive necropolis with many well documented findings. But Egypt still has a story to tell. In 2009, Czech archaeologists

3,200-year-old papyrus contains astrophysical information about the Algol star

Many ancient civilizations made astronomical notes, but according to researchers, this is the earliest historical document of naked eye observations on a variable star – Algol. Variable stars are stars with a varying brightness (as seen from Earth), and they probably held a special place in Egyptian astronomy – they made careful notes on these stars. Now, more than three

Thermal scans reveal interesting anomaly in Great Pyramid

Even inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, outside of Cairo, researchers have found something interesting.

Ancient Egyptian tomb of Amenhotep found in Luxor

An ancient tomb possibly belonging to Amenhotep, the second Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Photographs distributed by the ministry show a tomb with bright green and brown paintings with hieroglyphics and is one of the most spectacular findings in recent years. “The tomb contains many stunning scenes with bright colours painted on plaster,” Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Eldamaty said in a

3300 years ago, Egyptian women were using extensions and dyeing their hair

An ancient Egyptian woman who lived 3300 years ago was found to have no less than 70 hair extensions. This incredibly elaborate hairstyle was probably made especially for her resting place. Interestingly enough, she wasn’t mummified, her body was simply wrapped in a mat, said Jolanda Bos, an archaeologist working on the Amarna Project. “Whether or not the woman had her

Roman emperor and pharaoh: new ancient carving tells the story

Right on the western exterior wall of the Temple of Isis at Shanhur, located just 12 miles north of the famous Luxor, archaeologists have uncovered an ancient stone carving depicting the Roman emperor Claudius dressed as a pharaoh. The scene is the most preserved out of the other 36 original scenes discovered during the 2000-2001 excavation season, after a layer of dirt

Ancient Egyptians had alien jewelry

This ancient Egyptian trinket may not look like much, but it hides a very interesting story. Researchers have found that the 5,000-year-old iron bead is actually made from a meteorite.   Archaeologists have found iron objects in ancient Egypt, dating them to 2-3 millennia BC. But the earliest evidence of smelting only appeared much later after that, so how could

35 ancient pyramids discovered in Sudan

It’s remarkable what astonishing finds archaeologists today still manage to discover. A few years ago, no less than 17 new pyramids were discovered in Egypt. Recently, in neighboring Sudan a most impressive site filled with densely packed pyramids was unearthed, proving once again that there are still many hidden relics left in the world. The find was made during a field excavation