Arctic “Doomsday Seed Vault” gets 50,000 new deposits

It’s basically a huge fridge for seeds — and it just got bigger.

Doomsday fatalists flood to mystical mountain in Serbia

Living quite close to Serbia and knowing how they feel about this, I have to say this is really amusing. People from all over the world are flooding to a pyramid-shaped peak in Serbia in the hope that its mystical properties will somehow protect them from the impending doomsday. Hundreds of reservations are pouring in each day – so many

French town overrun by doomsday visitors

The small yet pleasant city of Bugarach in southwest France is flooded with tourists, but the thing is most of them are preoccupied by UFOs instead of the local countryside. The town located near the Pic of Bugarach mountain which has no more than 200 inhabitants is getting more and more spotlight from doomsday visitors after it became the center

Defy nuclear war with the doomsday survival suit [photos]

For the 2012 panicked or just the doomsday memorabilia¬† collectors, Kacey Wong‘s doomsday survival suit will definitely spark interest. The Hong Kong artist has designed the robot-shaped suit inspiring herself after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, with the idea of protecting people from radiation leaking from nuclear power stations. Mobile and equipped with glowing red alarm lights for eyes,

Survive the apocalypse in a Kansas missile silo

As the year 2012 steadily approaches, conspiracy theories, general panic and distress are growing ever thicker as Mayan calendar superstitions are turning into mainstream concerns. Much like in the cold war when a lot of people, some more intelligent than others, formed various nuclear holocaust survival plans like backyard bunkers, there are a lot of people nowadays as well with