Living quite close to Serbia and knowing how they feel about this, I have to say this is really amusing. People from all over the world are flooding to a pyramid-shaped peak in Serbia in the hope that its mystical properties will somehow protect them from the impending doomsday. Hundreds of reservations are pouring in each day – so many that the local hotels went from really happy to really worried.

First of all, absolutely everybody with a scientific background, from NASA to Maya archaeologists agree that these beliefs are off-base – and this is about as light as I can put it. Here’s an article I wrote debunking pretty much all the cooky “theories” about how the world will end on the 21st of December. If you don’t trust me, you can always just take if from NASA. Nevertheless, doomsday believers are heading for the hills.

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What is it with them and mountains anyway? In the French Pyrenees, another supposed Mayan apocalypse “safe zone” has been closed for the alleged doomsday, with local authorities fearing an unwanted influx of cultists and journalists on December 21. Like Mount Rtanj in Serbia, France’s Pic de Bugarach is the center of rumors about UFOs and mystical powers. Some cultists actually believe that these mountains will literally open up, revealing alien spacecrafts that will carry the few chosen to safety. Good luck!

Meanwhile, I highly recommend visiting mount Ranj just for its beauty!