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As the year 2012 steadily approaches, conspiracy theories, general panic and distress are growing ever thicker as Mayan calendar superstitions are turning into mainstream concerns. Much like in the cold war when a lot of people, some more intelligent than others, formed various nuclear holocaust survival plans like backyard bunkers, there are a lot of people nowadays as well with similar initiatives, a lot more elaborate however.

Software developer Larry Hall for instance is converting an Atlas F missile base in Kansas into a heavily-guarded, fully-furnished underground luxury condominium shelter, a model of which can be seen captioned above – the concept is actually called a “survival condo”. Hall bought off the decommissioned missile base (which he says cost the government $65 mil to build) for $250,000 out of personal paranoia with plans to turn into a safe haven for himself and his family. Somewhere along the road, though, the 54 year old software engineer must have gotten some entrepreneurial ideas and soon announced a “condo suite package” starting at $900,000, which includes a five-year food supply and “simulated view windows” with light levels calibrated to the time of day to keep you from going crazy.

It’s really not a bad place to site out the apocalypse, since it will feature a pool, a theater and library, a gym and even a waterfall, and all other modern day utilities like electricity will be powered by geothermal energy and wind turbines.

The silo is still in construction, but if you think it’s just a wacko plan with no one in their right minds willing to invest 900k for a seat in bunker, you’d better think again. “When they call me up,” he says, “they’re like, you had me at MISSILE BASE!” Hale goes on, confessing that three out of the seven condo floors have already been sold out. Who else wants a doomsday-safe condo?

More about Larry Hall and the Survival Condo project at the official website. You can read an interview with Hall here.