The International Space Station just launched a harpoon-toting satellite to keep it safe from space junk

Few problems will persist after a generous application of stabbings.

New, powerful laser system proposed for the International Space Station’s defense

The station is in serious peril from all the junk we’ve left in orbit.

The International Space Station is mounting a new device to protect it from space junk

It’s a sensor that will tell scientists how common small, but dangerous debris are.

JAXA’s mission to fish for space trash thwarted by faulty tether

Cleaning up is hard.

Swiss scientists to launch “janitor” satellite to clean up space mess

When we started putting satellites on orbit, few could have pondered the idea of space junk, and even fewer would have guessed that a time will come when we will have to clean up after our spatial enterprises. But the time came, and really soon, and space junk is a real problem. This is why Swiss researchers announced their plans