Creative fields have a lot to benefit from people with ADHD, new study says

Finally, some go…… Uuu shiny!

Performing artists with a history of childhood adversity have more intense creative experiences

Some of the best art comes out of a lot of pain.

Will AI start to take over writing? How will we manage it?

An AI writer — can this really be?

Suppressing reasoning side of the brain with harmless electrical zaps enhances creativity

Put that thinking cap on.

Organized information may be creativity’s death knell, study found

Sometimes, we need a little chaos to get the cogs turning.

Georgetown University team found you can literally zap creativity into your brain

Electrically stimulating the frontopolar cortex can enhance creativity, a new study from Georgetown University found.

Creative thinking requires more checks and balances that you’d think

Creative thinking requires the simultaneous activation of two distinct networks in the brain, the associative and normative networks. Higher connectivity between these completely different systems of your brain leads to new, original and useful ideas, University of Haifa research concludes.

Taking a walk encourages creativity more than sitting

If you’ve ever read the biographies of some of the world’s greatest thinkers, you may have noticed that one of their favorite pastimes was taking long and relaxing walks. For instance, Charles Darwin had a fixed schedule that demanded he begins his morning rituals with a walk upon waking at 7:00, and only after take breakfast. Aldous Huxley, Winston Churchill,

Musical training doesn’t make you smarter, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important

Playing an instrument comes with a wide range of benefits, especially for children. It teaches them discipline and how to focus on an important task at hand. It also fuels creativity. There’s a well constructed myth, however, that playing an instrument makes you smarter, as in it improves your cognitive abilities somehow. This idea is so entrenched that nearly 80%

Measuring creativity through spontaneous single spoken words

What is creativity? Although definitions vary, one might be inclined to say that creativity, ultimately, is anything that has to do with ideas – generating them, building them, transforming them into reality. There are a lot of tests that measure creativity and chances are if you’ve been to a job interview recently you might have actually been handed out such