Air pollution from corn kills thousands of people each year

Researchers are trying to map the pollution impact of all the foods we eat.

The world’s farms are dominated by only four crops

This puts us at great risk.

Researchers hack corn to grow fatter and absorb more carbon dioxide

Feed me corn!

Bug-Killing Corn Mostly Benefits Conventional Crops

I’m really not sure what to think about genetically modified food; in theory, it seems like one of the best ideas ever, but if we don’t fully understand the ramifications of the modifications, it can have really harmful effects. But still, the study I’m going to tell you about is not that. It’s about the effects bug killing korn has

High-fructose corn syrup – the mastermind behind obesity?

Whether you want to admit it or now, the world (and most of all America) has a problem with obesity. The fact that people are eating less healthy and working out less is something that can’t be denied even by the most optimistic of us. However, even taking into consideration all those aspects, the numbers seem to be unbelievable. About