Faulty findings, real appeal: the psychology of pseudoscience

Why do some people turn to pseudoscience, and why are they so hard to pry away from it?

This core thinking error underlies both creationism and conspiracy theories

Maybe this is not so surprising after all.

Contradicting fake stories / conspiracy theories on social media just doesn’t do anything. It may be counterproductive

Oh this is troubling.

The internal urge to eliminate uncertainty favors conspiracy theories

Cognitive closure might compel some to love tinfoil.

No, there’s no “dark lady” on Mars – just stop it

Social media is abuzz *again* with stories about a dark lady figure being spotted on Mars by the Curiosity Rover. Conspiracists are all over it, and many dubious media publications are “analyzing” it. Long story short, it’s all hogwash.

NASA about 21 December Doomsday: “It will be another winter solstice”

Debunking conspiracy theories Oh boy, it’s this time of the year again: grab your supplies and head on to the bunker, cause the world is ending – again. The popular Mayan conspiracy theory that the world is ending on December 21 has made a surprisingly high number of adept, and NASA had to step in. They released quite an interesting

French town overrun by doomsday visitors

The small yet pleasant city of Bugarach in southwest France is flooded with tourists, but the thing is most of them are preoccupied by UFOs instead of the local countryside. The town located near the Pic of Bugarach mountain which has no more than 200 inhabitants is getting more and more spotlight from doomsday visitors after it became the center

Sadly, NASA has to debunk Mayan apocalypse conspiracies again

It saddens me to see NASA having to come out again and explain why the whole ‘Mayan end of the calendar apocalypse’ thing; the US space agency came out with on Saturday in an attempt to debunk these claims and downplay concerns that the world will end in 2012. Mr Don Yeomans from NASA explains that all these concerns rely