Lobbying against climate action costs billions in expected damage, study says

It’s the first study that quantified the effects of lobbying on climate change policy.

A hotter Arctic means more extreme weather elsewhere on the globe

This helps us understand how climate change can cause more extreme weather — both hot and cold.

Atmospheric CO2 reaches record 415ppm — the highest it’s been in millions of years

Not the kind of record we want.

Abrupt climate change killed off ancient South American populations

Change isn’t always good — especially when it happens too quickly.

Researchers hack plants to use less water so we don’t starve when climate change hits hard

These plants will drink responsibly — whether they want it or not!

Winds and waves are getting slightly stronger around the globe

The differences are tiny but they can add up in time to change global behavior.

Arctic warming accelerates climate change — and will cost $70 trillion

Take action against climate change — or pay up.

Want to fight climate change? Eat less beef and lamb, new report concludes

It’s probably not what you want to hear — but it’s what needs to be done.

The biggest impact to reducing your carbon footprint is having fewer children

Next up is living car-free, avoiding airplane travel, and turning vegetarian.

Clouds over tropical oceans could break apart if dangerous CO2 threshold is breached

If this ever happens, it would be like having crocodiles in the Arctic.

Climate change will make extreme cold more prevalent — and that’s bad news for some animals

“Extreme” things generally aren’t very healthy.

Pioneers of climate science win “Nobel” prize for environment

You could hardly imagine more deserving scientists to receive this award.

The hottest 5 years on record: 2016, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2014

The planet continues to heat up.

Sea level rise might not be as bad as predicted, despite accelerating ice sheet melting

Long story short: it’s still bad.

Climate change will recolor much of the oceans by 2100, MIT research suggests

It’s not good news.

This surge of extreme cold is probably caused by climate change — and you’d better get used to it

Counterintuitive — yes. Disproving global warming? Not in the slightest.

How climate change leads to more frequent thunderstorms

Scientists have put a number between climate change and storm frequency for the first time.

Retreating ice is exposing Arctic moss and plants for the first time in 120,000 years

Climate change is exposing plant life that’s been preserved by the ice cap for thousands of years.

“Vested interests” cause major threat to human existence, researchers say

The change can only come from civil society, researchers urge.

What’s Really Affecting Climate Change & How Can We Fix It?

It’s the issue of our generation.