Want to combat scientific disinformation? Here’s how

We all have this problem. Here’s how to combat it.

Why are climate change deniers more likely to be racist?

Well well, here’s a surprising correlation.

97% consensus on climate change? More like 99.94%, study finds

The science is pretty much settled on this one.

US politicians held an insane and embarrassing hearing just to attack climate science

A charade.

Scientists call out Pruitt’s false view of climate change

These “alternative facts” go against 150 years of research.

In times of turmoil, academics stand up, develop code of conduct and reaffirm fight against racism, misogyny and climate change denial

In times of political turmoil, academics are often the first to react.

Pepsi, DuPont, Google and others play both sides by funding climate change deniers, despite publically supporting climate action

Lame, lame, lame.

The difference between a climate change skeptic and a climate change denier

The two aren’t interchangeable.

It’s not just big oil – big coal is funding climate change denial too

It’s a reveal which unfortunately surprises no one.

Scientist offers $10.000 to anyone who can scientifically disprove man-made climate change

Are you a convinced climate change denier? Wanna make a quick buck? This is the thing for you! A physics professor is so fed up with people denying climate change, that he’s willing to offer $10.000 out of his own pocket to anyone who can scientifically disprove climate change. So what if the scientific community is basically unanimously agreeing that climate

Climate change denial books: Over 70% have “verifiable link” to conservative think tanks.

It is indeed a war of manipulation and misdirection, but the main actors are not the ones you may think about first. As a new study concluded, some 3 out of every 4 climate change denial books have direct, easily verifiable connections to conservative organizations. A research conducted by Riley E. Dunlap of Oklahoma State University and Peter J. Jacques

Wikileaks reveals US bribes and cyber-espionage stop climate change action

Negotiating an official climate change pact is an extremely high-stake game, not only due to the threats posed to our entire civilization, but also because re-engineering the global economy to a low-carbon model will redirect a massive, multi billion dollar sum towards different sources. Of course, behind all the “save the planet” rhetoric lies the mucky realpolitik: money and threats

“Climate-Change Deniers Have Done Their Job Well”

The big money out there is invested in climate change denial, as major oil companies fight to eliminate climate protection laws or intentionally fund studies which deny climate change; and it’s been a tough few weeks for them. More and more independent studies are highlighting the amount of damage human-caused global warming is caused, and numerous organizations are desperately struggling