American toddlers are consuming more added sugar than the recommended daily intake for adults

Parents should add fresh fruits and vegetables to their kids’ diets instead.

Over 4% of English children are obese by the time they’re 11

Put down that burger and that soda!

Apps aimed at kids are a sponge of personal data, in direct violation of federal law, study reports

Is no app safe?:(

Sudden infant death syndrome linked to a rare genetic mutation

Researchers believe a rare mutation associated with breathing muscles is the cause of SIDS.

Air pollution exposure during fetal life linked to brain abnormalities in children

Brain abnormalities might lead to cognitive impairment. that could have significant long-term consequences.

Taking fish oil and probiotics during pregnancy may reduce food allergies

Researchers suggest these findings need to be considered when updating guidelines for pregnant women.

Children struggle to hold pens because of too much touchscreen exposure

Experts say children’s finger muscles have to be exercised by playing with real toys.

Childbirth can make women’s cells age faster than smoking or obesity

Scientists discovered that having children significantly shortened telomeres (genetic markers of aging).

Fluffy robot duck plans to befriend and comfort children with cancer

…I want one too.

Parents giving alcohol too soon to kids, researchers say

Kids really shouldn’t be drinking… really.

African kids show much more self-control than Western kids — they passed the famous Marshmallow Test

Two-thirds of Nso children have enough restraint to pass a test that predicts success later in life.

Stress as a child may leave you unable to cope with stress and depression later on

Stress — it’s never good for you. But sometimes, it’s worse.

Guns kill or wound 7,000 children in the US yearly — it’s the third-leading cause of death among children

There is so much more we can do.

Speech and language deficits aren’t to blame for autistic children’s tantrums

Knowing what it’s not brings us one step closer to understanding what it is.

Unvaccinated children account for majority of pediatric deaths due to the flu

Immunization is important.

Personality traits are “contagious among children” — especially good ones

When preschoolers hang out with each other, they tend to borrow each other’s personalities, a new study has found.

Deadly, mysterious child disease in India caused by skipping meals and lychee, study finds

Don’t skip on meals!

Children can become closer to pets than to siblings, study finds

Because no one wants to feed and wash their siblings.

By the time they’re 12 years old, children’s notions of truth and lies become more nuanced

Parents tell their children that ‘lying is bad’ but not everyone takes their word for it.

Children less likely to trust ugly people, study finds

Children judge a book by its cover.