A rooster’s crow is as loud as a jet taking off 15 meters away. Here’s why it doesn’t go deaf

Roosters have evolved soft tissue over the inner ear that protects them from their own clamor.

Medieval Christian monks may have sped up the evolution of the modern chicken

We may have to thank Christian monks for today’s chicken.

DNA tests reveal that Subway’s chicken only has 50% chicken

An investigative Canadian TV program revealed that the chicken from Subway sandwiches only contain about 50% chicken.

Why undercooked chicken meat can cause paralysis

Don’t go overboard with tonight’s dinner, though.

Need to ward off pesky mosquitoes? Sleep with a chicken over your head

Believe it or not, there’s actual scientific proof backing this advice.

US egg farmers to stop grinding male chicks alive by 2020

It’s something that should have happened a long time ago.

Weird state of matter found in chicken’s eye

You may not find many interesting things to see when glaring into a chicken’s eye, but after closely studying its retina researchers at Washington University have come across a most fascinating discovery. It seems chicken eyes bear a never before seen state of matter in biology, an arrangement of particles that is both ordered and disordered – neither crystal, nor

The chicken came before the egg – hen lays ‘eggless’ chick in Sri Lanka farm

The age-old question of who came first – the chicken or the egg – has been pondered countless times, and put great thinkers throughout history in a predicament. An oddity of nature which recently occurred on a Sri Lankan farm may offer clues towards answering the riddle. There a hen gave birth to a chick without an egg, which is normally

Headless chicken solution envisions Matrix-style farming

Each year, billions of chickens are raised all over the world with the sole purpose of providing meat at the end of their couple of weeks-long lives. The animals are  forced to live in precarious conditions, thousands lined up next to each other, and are stuffed with nutrients designed to make them grow a lot faster than they can handle,