Analysis of 19 million cats shows how our pets’ weight evolves throughout their lifetimes

“As humans, we know we need to strive to maintain a healthy weight, but for cats, there has not been a clear definition of what that is. We simply didn’t have the data,” the authors say.

If you think cats are antisocial, it’s probably you, new study concludes

It’s probably your fault — of course.

Viking cats show that domesticated felines have grown bigger in time (as well as a gruesome history)

The Vikings used to skin cats for their pelts.

Cat’s tongues are surprisingly complex — and better at cleaning than any brush we have

Fur lickin’ findings.

Veterinary community releases tips and tricks on how to properly feed your cat

If you own a cat, this is the paper for you.

Business students are more likely to have a brain parasite infection spread by cat feces

A parasite infection generally spread by cat feces may be making some people fearless.

Have a fat cat? Here’s how much you should feed it to lose weight, according to science

A new study explains what it takes to help kitty slim down.

There’s still hope to stave off extinction for the smallest cat in the Americas, study shows

This small cat faces large issues.

Having a cat around the house keeps asthma away in newborns

Cat allergens reduce the incidence of asthma in newborns by a factor of two.

Where humans went, cats followed — the story of cat domestication started 9,000 years ago

From Egypt’s pyramids to Viking longboats, cats never left our side since we invented agriculture.

Mixed cat-and-dog teams are the best defense against rodent pests

It’s double the fun, too.

In 1975, a physicist co-authored a paper with his cat. He did it for a very good reason

F.D.C. Willard, also known as Chester, is a cat who co-authored a high-quality physics paper in 1975

Nutmeg the Cat celebrates 31st birthday. He’s the oldest ca in the world

This tabby cat just celebrated its 31st birthday, after recovering from a serious illness.

Why cats love boxes so much

Cats can be odd. They sleep for up to 20 hours a day, and get scared by cucumbers. They also get very enthusiastic, and are great play mates. Apart from cat nip, there’s nothing a cat loves more than boxes, though. Any box will do, actually. Big, small, tall, short. The cat will take it, no questions asked (of course). So, what’s up with that?

Meet Unsinkable Sam: The Cat that Survived Three Ships Sinking in WWII

The black and white cat was originally named Oscar but then became known as Unsinkable Sam. He started his “career” in the fleet of the Nazi regime, the Kriegsmarine, and ended it in the Royal Navy. He was onboard Bismarck, the HMS Cossack, and the HMS Ark Royal, but here comes the cool part: while all those three ships sank,

3D printed cat orthosis can save paws

Sprocket the cat has been fitted with an improvised 3D printed leg brace which has a good chance of saving his leg from amputation. Sprocket, who is just younger than 1 year old, has had his share of misfortunes. He was lucky to survive being hit by a car, but his leg was shattered. He managed to recover very well, only

2,000 Year Old Cat Pawprint Found in Roman Tile

Society has changed a lot in 2,000 years, but you know what hasn’t really changed? Cats. Cats don’t really care about much today, and they didn’t really care about much 2,000 years ago – and now archaeologists have evidence of that. Paw prints made by a cat 2,000 years ago have been found on a Roman roof tile. The tile

Scientists create the perfect music for cats

We all know how therapeutic and soothing (or on the contrary, motivating) music can be; and we all know that different people like different types of music… so it seems safe to say that different animals also like different types of music. Now, a joint team of scientists and musicians believe they found how to compose the purr-fect music for animals, including monkeys and cats.

Win or flop: Taiwanese invents cat face recognition

If you’ve ever been to London, you might have noticed the city is packed with CCTV cameras even in the least crowded street crossings. Besides 24/7 monitoring, these cameras feed images to a highly complex system that automagically runs face recognition, checks the mugs of pedestrians and runs a check if there’s anything on file that might link them to

Mutated cat poop parasite treats cancer

Right now, I’m the happy caregiver of seven cats (five kittens. Yey!) which in most people’s books makes me socially challenged and insane. I do take special notice of my pets, and this means looking after them so they don’t get infected by parasites. Cats are typically clean animals, but when infested can spell trouble for family health – ZME