Largest T. rex skeleton ever found lived in Canada up to its early 30s

It was probably really polite and liked hockey, too.

Thawing Canadian Arctic permafrost is releasing “substantial amounts” of mercury into waterways

In the Canadian Arctic, mercury isn’t rising only in thermometers.

Amazingly well-preserved Ice Age wolf pup found in Canada

The miner who found it thought it was a dog.

At climate talks, Canada steps up while the US steps down

There’s no such thing as clean coal.

Most shark fins and ray gills sold in Vancouver come from threatened, trade-banned species

We’re literally eating the viability of tomorrow’s oceans.

New fossil proves there was life on Earth hundreds of millions of years earlier than we’ve though

Not your everyday find.

How palm trees thrive in Vancouver despite the freezing Canadian weather

Palm trees in Vancouver aren’t fake.

The Canadian government’s double standards: acting on climate but seeking to export more fossil fuels

It seems unbelievable, but this cabinet pretends these new oil and gas exports will become someone else’s problem.

Canada is building the world’s longest trail, and it’s humongous

Are you a hiking addict? Then you’ll probably want to book a ticket for Canada in 2017.

Massive sinkhole opens up in Ottawa, thankfully without victims

Authorities evacuated people and closed off the area to traffic, while they find a way to stabilize the collapsed area.

Expert warns smart-cars will promote sex behind the wheel and distracted driving

Will widespread use of smart cars make roads safer or actually more dangerous? One Canadian expert is raising concerns that as automated systems take up the bulk of navigating tasks, drivers will keep their hands less on the driving wheel…and more on the person (persons?) next to them.

Canadian study questions the efficacy of helmet legislation

Researchers studied the link between cycling helmet legislation and recorded head injuries in various parts of the country. Their findings put into question the efficacy of helmet legislation, and the researchers suggest that the best way to protect cyclists is for the government to provide infrastructure tailored to their needs.

Canadian fish know how to party: getting high on cocaine

New research shows that wastewater discharged from wastewater treatment plants in the Grand River watershed of southern Ontario has the potential to contaminate sources of drinking water with drugs such as cocaine, morphine and oxycodone.

Unsatisfied by their government’s apathy, Canadian scientists propose their own climate policy

The conservative Canadian government headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper has consistently moved the country away from sustainable practices and environmental accountability. In 2011, the government came under fire after it withdrew Canada from the Kyoto protocol, an international agreement which commits its parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets. It also disbanded the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy in 2012, a panel tasked with reporting to the government Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. While the government has also taken some measures aimed at curbing emissions, these have been largely insufficient. Disappointed, 71 Canadian scientists have authored their own climate policy recommendations for the nation.

Canada Wages War on Science: Weather Forecasters Forbidden from Discussing Climate Change

I like it when people talk about climate change. I even like it when they speak against climate change – as long as they bring arguments and act rationally. People shouldn’t be forbidden from talking about these kind of things, one way or another – everybody should be encouraged to look at the scientific facts, and emit opinions based on

6 geographical facts you’re not going to believe

Our world is a strange and awesome place – but some things are just hard to believe! Here are some of the most spectacular ones:

The shores of Canada saved animals from climate change

One of our planet’s most significant misteries is the one concerning the massive extinction that took place about 252 million years ago. As it turns out, the shores of ancient Alberta, British Columbia and the Canadian Arctic were a very important refuge for the ancient animals that were threatened; most of the animals that lived at that period were wiped