Scientists show how plants communicate — and it looks amazing

I could watch these videos all day.

Kidney stones form like any rock, may hold day-by-day history of your body’s health

We’re all Stonebenders in our kidneys!

Tiny diamond provides first evidence of Earth’s fourth most abundant mineral

The diamond rose 700 km from Earth’s mantle to the surface.

Atom-by-atom chart of living fossil’s shell could hold the key to understanding past climate

These tiny beings could hold a huge store of data.

Vitamin D and calcium supplements don’t ease winter coughs, study finds

To improve health and ease drowsy coughs during winter time, you’ll find that some sources, including physicians, advise that you add supplements to your diet in order to boost your immune system. A team of researchers report, however, after performing a randomized study that taking vitamin D, calcium or both altogether doesn’t offer any significant respiratory improvement. The scientists sought

Shorties: Adding more calcium to your diet won’t reduce fracture risk

The benefits of calcium in your diet are numerous, but according to a study conducted by University of Sweden researchers. Their study concludes that increasing calcium intake beyond a moderate amount does little to nothing in preventing osteoporosis later in life, or reduce fracture risk. The study, published online Tuesday on the British Medical Journal website, intended to shed some