Three Old Scientific Concepts Getting a Modern Look

The ancients often got it wrong about science — but they weren’t that far off.

Is cold fusion possible? Myths and facts with Bill Nye

A faulty science experiment from 1989 still gets people excited three decades later. But is this bad science or actually possible somehow?

Could the movie ‘Mad Max’ ever foretell our future? Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson discuss

StarTalk’s Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye The Science Guy sat down with Sally Le Page of General Electric to explore the science behind whether the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max Fury Road is actually a likely scenario. You know, the movie where the world is turned into a desert and bands of lightly dressed people continually try to kill each other. While the scientific accuracy of Mad Max is highly debatable since the movie doesn’t give us much to chew on, the discussion was inevitably drawn to the risks of climate change.

Lightsail responds after eight day of silence in space. Bill Nye: ‘it’s alive!’

After a successful launch and deploy to Earth’s orbit on the back of the powerful United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket out of Cape Canaveral, the LightSail went silent for eight straight days. Spirits were high and nerves tense, but apparently the craft managed to solve the communication glitch all by itself. Like always, “have you tried switching it off and on?” Following the self-reboot, engineers immediately uploaded a new patch and hopefully we’ll see Lightsail unravel its photon harvesting wings soon enough. The LightSail, currently strapped to a CubeSat, might then be deployed through and out the solar system.

Bill Nye, Science Guy: climate change will consume us like WWII did our parents

At his commencement address at Rutgers University, Bill Nye – famous for popularizing science as the Science Guy – said that climate change is the most serious crisis mankind has ever faced, liking the psychological pressure to that experienced by our parents and grandparents during World War II. He then called on the students to rise to the challenge and question those who deny the reality the planet is currently facing out of ignorance or malevolence alike.

Bill Nye changes his mind about GMOs

Most recently, Bill Nye is famous for his viral debate against against Ken Han on creationism. The debate inspired him to write a best selling book tackling the subject called “Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation”. In one of his chapters, Nye argues against genetically modified organisms since their long lasting effects on the ecosystem can’t be predicted and might be harmful.

Bill Nye the ‘Science Guy’: ‘It’s not a coincidence that the creationists also deny climate change’

A famous science communicator and TV personality, Bill Nye has served the world a huge favor with his programs, books and talks in which he argues in favor of science. Over the years, however, he’s had to handle all sorts of critical situations like last year’s now famous debate against Ken Han on creationism. Most recently, Nye dropped by CBS This

Watch Bill Nye Explain Climate Change to GOP Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

I love Bill Nye, and I think the world needs more people like him. I don’t mindlessly follow him, I don’t always agree with what he does, but ultimately, his reasoning and actions speak very clearly to me. You can watch the video below and I highly recommend watching it to the very end, especially if you are (or will

The symphony of science

I was quite stunned to stumble across this video. As the name says, it’s a… well it’s not quite a symphony, but it’s definitely musical, and you can definitely learn a lot of things, or re-hear them in an unique way, if you already know them. Did I mention it’s featuring Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson & Bill