Beauty sleep is a real thing, researchers find

Not getting enough sleep makes people want to avoid you. Seriously.

The Power of Water: Are you drinking enough?

  Water makes up the major fluid supporting our bodily systems and is important to your overall health. Drinking water improves your complexion, feeds your hair, hydrates your vision, and so much more. Throughout the day you lose hydration through sweat, urine, stool, breathing, and caloric metabolism. Those losses are accelerated in warmer climates, during exercise, at high altitudes, and

Beautiful people earn $250,000 extra on average

It’s generally known that people of above-average physical looks are at a greater social advantage than people of average or sub-average appearance. Beautiful people are known to be more successful, happier and more financially fulfilled. Regarding the last part, there’s always been a controversy regarding the economics behind this kind of superficial advantage. Renowned economist Daniel Hamermesh of University of

‘Beauty Machine’ turns average into knockout

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, or at least that’s what we used to hear as kids from our parents. Well, scientists say our parents were wrong; after creating a computer that recognizes attractivenes in women , now they managed to create the world’s first beauty machine. While this machine can’t (yet) make you a knockout, it can

Computer recognizes attractiveness in women

It’s said that even though computer have so much processing power, it some ways, it can never even get close to interpreting information like the human brain does. But is that really so? Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, right? Right ?! The thing is that according to scientists at Tel Aviv University, the beholder doesn’t have to