New research plans to keep drones in the air longer by giving them the ability to land

It’s always good to take a breather!

New Bombali Ebola Virus Found in Bats

Bombali is not a portmanteau of Bombay and Bali; it is a novel virus in bats in Sierra Leone.

What Makes Bats The Perfect Hosts For So Many Viruses?

Bats can maintain just enough defenses against illness without triggering the immune systems from going into overdrive

Bats are migrating earlier due to climate change, and this could spell trouble for our crops

Bats provide more than $22 billion of indirect value to farmers by controlling pests. When bats fall, so does our food.

How bats don’t get sick despite carrying the highest number of viruses

It’s the most disease-infested mammal in the world but yet bats not only survive, they thrive. What’s their secret?

Cave crocodiles that swim in bat poop are evolving into a new species

Sometimes, you gotta get your feet wet to do science. In bat feces.

Young bats learn different dialects from their nest mates

A difference in vocalization in bat ‘dialects’ is akin to the difference between London accent and, say, a Scottish accent.

White Nose Bat Syndrome spreads deeper into the U.S. — first case confirmed west of the Rockies

The first case of white nose syndrome, a disease that has wreaked havoc on bat populations in the eastern U.S. has been identified west of the Rockies. The disease’s spread threatens to drastically impact bat populations there, altering ecosystems throughout the country.

New SARS-like virus can jump directly to humans from bats

A virus similar to SARS has been identified in Chinese horseshoe bats that may be able to infect humans without prior adaptation. Overcoming this genetic barrier could be the first step for an outbreak, according to a study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Asian bats resistant to white-nose syndrome that’s killing millions of North American bats

In just 7 years, a disease called white-nose syndrome has killed more than 5 million North American bats, almost wiping out entire colonies across 25 states. In Asia however, bats that are exposed to the same disease-carrying fungus are infected in far lesser numbers.

Too ugly for science? ‘Ugly’ rodents and bats receive less scientific attention

A study conducted by Australian researchers found that scientific journals discourage the study of ‘ugly’ rodents and bats.

How bats land upside down – mysterious acrobatic feat revealed

The bat is the only flying mammal and among the heaviest in the world. To top it over, it can land upside down a perplexing acrobatic feat which has left scientists scratching their heads for many years. After carefully and systematically studying bat upside landings in slow motion, a group of researchers thinks it has cracked the puzzle: bats employ a nifty trick where one wing stays flapping while the other is moved close to the body. This asymmetry corrects the moment of inertia and center of mass so the bats always land safely upside down.

What Are Bat Surveys And Why Do I Need One?

A bat survey is basically a professionally recorded survey of the bats living in a certain area in accordance with the Bat Conservation Trust guidelines.

Convergent evolution in bats and dolphins driven by same genes

It’s amazing how two different animals from two completely different environments evolve some identical physical features. Take bats and dolphins for instance. Both of them use a complex system that produces, receives and process ultrasonic sound waves in order to identify visually hidden objects, track down prey or navigate through obstacles better – typically this is referred to as echolocation,

Human activity drives evolution of bigger brains in animals

It’s clear that humans are now, more than ever, a driving force in evolutionary biology. Early domestication efforts through breeding and training have changed some species to the point that they’ve grown to be as we wanted them to become. The effects of climate change, a great part of which is anthropogenic, actually influence animals all over the world in

Check out the world’s first man-made bat cave

While it may lack most of Bruce Wayne’s gadgets, the very first artificial bat cave in the world is sure to provide resonable accomodations for non-superhero dwellers. The cave was introduced after a group of environmentalists raised money, in an effort to help save thousands of bats from a disease which has claimed the lives of millions of bats so