There’s a massive ecosystem of ‘deep life’ right beneath our feet

The staggering biosphere living inside the crust is twice the size of that living in the oceans.

Purple bacteria turns sewage waste into clean energy

We’re flushing valuable untapped energy down the toilet.

Sunlight kills indoor germs almost as well as UV rays

Pull the drapes and enjoy free home sanitation, courtesy of the sun.

Some bacteria can ‘hibernate’ through antibiotic treatments, new paper finds

When in doubt, hibernate.

New non-antibiotic treatment hijacks tuberculosis bacterium

It could prove a valuable alternative to the way TB is currently being treated.

Artificial bacteria-killing cells could win the war against drug resistance

As the cells are much more robust and self-sufficient than previous ‘models’, they can be employed even in less-than-ideal or changing conditions.

Brown bear saliva kills a bacteria that current antibiotics are unable to treat

Slather me in it!

Why you shouldn’t pop your pimples — Really, you shouldn’t

Popping pimples can be very tempting, but this is considered a bad idea by most dermatologists.

Bacterial superbugs have become up to 10 times more tolerant to alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Another uphill battle against bacterial infections.

Bacteria species, too, can become extinct — and they do so quite often

The findings go against commonly-held wisdom today.

New U.S. Center to research how viruses can help us overcome drug resistance

If you can’t beat them — infect them!

Kitchen towels are packed with bacteria, but should you really be worried?

Don’t use kitchen towels for more than one purpose.

Some bacteria eat antibiotics — and this might actually be a good thing

There’s an arms race going between us and bacteria. We seem to be losing — badly.

NYC mice are crawling with antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses

‘These things are everywhere,’ said one researcher.

Are hand dryers actually hygienic? New study found they spread fecal bacteria all over your hands

Use paper towels instead.

The CDC thwarted 220 cases of pathogens with ‘unusual’ antibiotic resistance last year alone

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? It better be the CDC.

Scientists engineer new life form with mixed Bacteria and Archaea membrane

This is essentially a new life form with both modern and ‘primordial’ traits.

New method developed to stop bacteria from sharing antibiotic resistance genes

No multiplayer-evolution any longer, pleasethankyou!

Small populations of bacteria can elude antibiotics — here’s how we’re fixing that

Surprisingly, these bacteria survived through “random chance”.

Copper-coated uniforms for medical staff could help shred bacteria in hospitals

It’s a pretty metal solution.