Scientists engineer air-filled bacteria they can track wiggling inside you with sound

The plan is to use them to find tumors and other places of interest.

3D-printed “living tattoo” turns bacteria into sensors and computers you can wear


ISS bacteria is almost the same as in your home, and that’s a good thing

Microbes seem at home in the space lab.

With Flink, researchers will be able to 3D print living minifactories

Ever needed a tiny, living factory? Of course you did, you just didn’t know it.

Bacteria-printed solar cells produce electricity during both day and night

Living solar cells could power medical or environmental sensors. They’re fully biodegradable too.

Scientists coax bacteria to assemble into a pressure sensor

Living electronics could be a game changer.

Bacterial defenders discovered inside cancer cells, breaking down chemo drugs

Tricksy hobbitses!

Bacteria shapeshift in space in response to antibiotics, becoming far more resilient

Not good news for interplanetary travel.

Cyborg bacteria equipped with tiny solar panels outperform photosynthesis

Trees aren’t obsolete yet but this hybrid system can do amazing things.

Scientists use the world’s smallest chisel to investigate dagger-wielding bacteria

Amoebophilus doesn’t play around.

Kitchen sponges are hotspots for bacteria. Sanitizing methods like microwaving don’t seem to work

Used sponges are teeming with bacteria. You should better replace them weekly instead of sanitizing them.

Oral sex might be helping the spread of unstoppable bacteria

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Handwashing with hot water doesn’t kill more germs than cold water. We also need surprisingly little soap

Hot water might be more comfortable but it’s wasted energy when it comes to sanitizing your hands.

Do probiotics actually work? Let’s hear what the science says

There’s little evidence probiotics helps you medically.

In the face of rising antibiotic resistance, fungi could be a goldmine for new drugs

Bacteria are getting tougher but scientists are not sitting idle.

Bacterial communities take turns to eat when food becomes scarce

Aww, they have tiny economic agreements, ain’t that cute?

Deep burial in sub-seafloor sediments seems to ‘freeze’ microorganism evolution


Earth-born methanogen bacteria species could survive in Mars’ crust, new study shows

Life can be surprisingly hardy.

World Health Organization says these 12 pathogens could change the world as we know it

Some of them are a hairsbreadth away from infecting us with impunity.

A bunch of artificial cells just passed the Turing Test

Scientists have built cells that are not living but are so life-like that other cells can communicate with them.