Victim’s jawbone shows shocking intensity of Hiroshima nuclear attack

The victim was less than a mile away from the blast’s center, with devastating effects.

How science knows when nations are testing nuclear bombs — even when they are lying

We can’t deduce everything, but we can deduce A LOT.

South Korea claims North Korea is preparing for another nuclear test

The atmosphere is getting more and more packed with tension between the two Koreas, as satellite images revealed North Korea is digging a huge underground tunnel, in what appears to be preparation for a new nuclear test. Nuclear tests raise global concern North Korea performed two previous tests, both of which were significantly smaller than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs,

Five minutes to midnight: doomsday clock moves one minute closer to Armageddon

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists agreed that the world is less safe than it was two years ago – just 5 minutes to midnight. Let me tell you what this is about. When the atomic bomb was created, by people in all levels of academia and research, people were stunned by the amount of damage it did, so as