Rising seas risk washing tens of thousands archaeological sites clean off the map in the US alone

Children in the future will have a much soggier view of their roots.

Archaeologists find first ever evidence of Julius Caesar invading Britain

Caesar’s incursion in Britain might have been more successful than we thought.

UK archaeologists unearth “nationally important” collection of Iron Age artifacts

Among the most intriguing findings are a group of (likely ceremonial) cauldrons that show signs of long-term use and repair.

Google Earth reveals hundreds of ancient structures in Saudi Arabia

Ironically, the archaeologist hasn’t even visited Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian Archaeologists find 3,500 year old multi-tomb in Luxor

You thought we found everything, didn’t you?

Pagan ritual hall from 3,200 years ago found in Israel

Canaanites were flourishingly pagan before Joshua came in.

World’s first smiley face found, painted 3,700 years ago on a jug in Turkey


Ancient carvings show comet struck Earth, triggering mini Ice Age

When you can correlate computer models of comets with carvings from 13 millennia ago — that’s got to feel good.

Intact, 3,800 year-old tomb uncovered in Egypt

It’s the 14th family member archaeologists have found in the area.

Stanford students brew 5,000 year old Chinese beer, say it’s fruity and tasty

Can’t spell ‘archaeology’ without ‘alcohol’.

The Amazon Stonehenge: Drones discover hundreds of ancient earthworks in the basin

Large, mysterious earthworks built thousands of years ago were discovered in the Amazon basin.

A novel website lets you become a space archaeologist — just by looking at pictures

It’s way better than Facebook.

Archaeologists and brewers recreate 2,500 year old funeral drink from residues found in a tomb

A drink to die for.

Archaeologists rediscover magnificent Petra gardens with startlingly advanced irrigation system

The ancient gardens featured fountains, ponds, and a huge swimming pool.

Ancient Chinese skeletons found in London could hint at unknown ancient community and trade

Archaeologists are still divided on what the finding actually means.

Ancient, 2000-year-old skeleton found in legendary Antikythera shipwreck

The ancient bones could offer valuable DNA information from an ancient shipwreck victim.

Intact, spectacular and unique Neolithic figurine unearthed in Turkey

Archaeologists have unearthed an intact female figure carved from marble, dating from up to 10,000 years ago.

Forensic experts reconstruct the face of a 2,300 year old Egyptian mummy

This is the closest we’ve come to seeing an ancient Egyptian woman.

Ancient Alaskans feasted on salmon 12,000 years ago

Modern archaeology is a lot like crime scene investigation.

An Israeli power plant worker might have found a hand grenade that the Crusaders used

It probably didn’t go boom, but it’s still an impressive find.