Eight-year-old in Sweden pulls ancient sword from a lake

This makes her the queen, right?

Ancient, “priceless” royal jewelry uncovered in Kazakhstan

Treasure? Yep, priceless, golden, sparkly treasure.

Archaeologists discover Germany’s oldest known library

An amazing finding in the heart of Cologne.

Unusual heat waves in Britain are revealing traces of ancient civilisations

Heat is bringing out ancient features.

“Made in China” label allows archaeologists to trace down ancient ship

An unfortunate centuries-old riddle was solved thanks to an unusual clue: a label.

Archaeologists find ancient horse burial on the Nile Valley

Ancient burial could tell us a lot about human-animal relationships.

Archaeologists discover stunning Greco-Roman temple in the Egyptian desert

It’s not an everyday find.

Several 13,000 year-old human footprints discovered on Canadian Pacific coast

‘Every step you take’ meets archaeology.

Mesolithic people were able to withstand dramatic climate shocks, new study shows

These ancient populations were impressively resilient.

Prehistoric wine discovered in inaccessible caves forces a rethink of ancient Sicilian culture

Prehistoric booze.

How Roman priests walked through the “Gates to Hell” — and came back

Modern science explains how an ancient ritual worked.

Archaeologists discover the 4,400-year-old tomb of a high ranking Egyptian priestess

It’s a rare glimpse into the life of an Egyptian priestess.

The greatest Viking invasion of Britain never left — it got buried there, new research finds

The site was first found in the 70’s, but couldn’t be accurately dated until now.

Researchers find surprisingly sophisticated prehistoric monuments off the coast of Greece

The settlement, named Dhaskalio, was simply stunning for its time.

DNA study shows 4,000 year-old mummies are half brothers

The Two Brothers turned out to be, in fact, brothers. But it wasn’t an easy feat.

Rising seas risk washing tens of thousands archaeological sites clean off the map in the US alone

Children in the future will have a much soggier view of their roots.

Archaeologists find first ever evidence of Julius Caesar invading Britain

Caesar’s incursion in Britain might have been more successful than we thought.

UK archaeologists unearth “nationally important” collection of Iron Age artifacts

Among the most intriguing findings are a group of (likely ceremonial) cauldrons that show signs of long-term use and repair.

Google Earth reveals hundreds of ancient structures in Saudi Arabia

Ironically, the archaeologist hasn’t even visited Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian Archaeologists find 3,500 year old multi-tomb in Luxor

You thought we found everything, didn’t you?