Supposed health benefits of sexbots have no meat to them, new study says

The science isn’t in yet that sexbots benefit society in any way.

HummingWhale turns millions of Android devices into ad-playing zombies


The next sexual revolution might be that of the human-robot intercourse

Weird times ahead.

On the Road: 3 Apps for the Busy Motorist

Ahhh, driving! It’s just getting from point A to B, right? But for most drivers today, it’s not just about the act of driving anymore. Most of the time, it’s an “escape-from-traffic-adventure” or “I’m-this-close-to-losing-it-incident”. It would have been okay if gas prices didn’t keep increasing and if certain motorists actually take the time to learn some driving etiquette. Luckily, we’re

What Happened in Mobile Tech Last 2012

Another year has passed and another step towards mobile technology evolution has been taken. It looks like the world is going digital right before our very eyes and this trend is expected to continue until 2013. From smartphones and tablets to cloud technology, 2012 has been a year of advancements and improvements. To give you more idea, here are some

Noteworthy: Samsung Galaxy Note II is a Hit

When Samsung unveiled the sequel to its successful “phablet,” the Galaxy Note, all eyes were on how the Korean manufacturer would improve upon the original. Sure, the category had been defined and dominated, but what was next for this segment? The Note was able to impress; what would its successor do to live up to the expectations? Now that the

RIM keeps a hold on the market…at least in Europe

When asked about smartphones, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Often it’ll be the iPhone, or one of Samsung’s devices, maybe even the new Google Nexus 4. Most likely, it’ll be something that runs on either iOS or Android. But what people these days are forgetting is that not so very long ago Blackberrys were the smartphones

Privacy Protection on your Android Device

Meta description: Smartphones mostly contain private information and details. Therefore, we must always check if we’re protecting them against security and privacy threats well enough. Android smartphones and tablets are our best friends when it comes to doing business, playing games, or simply hanging out. These gadgets are usually stuffed with too many applications, photos, messages, and account details that

Getting Things Done with Technology

With technology, many things are now simpler and faster to do. It has become one of the few incredible inventions found anywhere in the globe. Communication has also been easier than before. Connecting to people around the globe can only take seconds now. To know more the latest technological advancements, here are three high-tech gadgets and their uses that you

Why Lack of LTE Can’t Keep the Nexus 4 Down

Initial impressions and full-fledged reviews of the fresh LG-made Google Nexus 4 smartphone have been pretty harsh, considering the only “fatal flaw” the reviewers see with the latest Nexus phone is that it doesn’t come with LTE support. Is the omission of 4G connectivity really all that bad? We say no. LTE isn’t as Essential as Some People Think From

How to use Android Spy: 5 funny ideas

Android has dominated smart phones. Everywhere you go, the mall, coffee shop, restaurants, offices, you will most likely see the trademark Android mascot on people’s phones. You know the green robot with cute antennas and a wide smile? Who would miss that? Android phones are preferred by many because of the amazingly cool and trendy software and applications. A recent

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is out now – just $300!

Samsung‘s really tapping into the ultra smartphone market lately, which has seen a slew of releases lately. In its top-tier sector, Samsung released the Galaxy S II just a few months ago, in close competition with the 4Gs from Apple. And just recently, Samsung has delivered the dream phone us geeks all of over world have been drooling after for

New Samsung Galaxy S II mocks iPhone users

The new TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy S II depicts their rivalry with iPhone so good, that they actually mock iPhone users, caricaturing customers waiting in line. The spot shows lots of people waiting in line to get ‘some smartphone’, and then BAM! Out of nowhere, cool guys with Samsung appear. But that’s not all they mocked. “If it

Google buys 1,000s IBM patents for law suit battle

This August bought 1,023 patents from IBM in August, according to records filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website. This is in addition to the 17,000 patents the Mountain View company has gained once with its recent sealed transaction with Motorola, in the course of which Google has bought off the whole cell phone manufacturer. The play here

Google plans world domination: now they’re selling light bulbs

This is already starting to sound like a cartoon world domination scheme; in an obvious plan to take over the world, Google plans to fill your home with electrical producs, including but not limited to light bulbs, dishwashers and thermostats which can be controlled remotely via an Android device. The plan is to create these electrical devices which can communicate

RIM announces two more Blackberry Bold smartphones

Despite numerous problems, Research in Motion (RIM) isn’t doing as bad as you might think; they just announced two new BlackBerry Bold smartphones on Monday that run on a new BlackBerry 7 operating system and include near field communication (NFC) support. They will be the most powerful (1.2 GHz processors), but also the slickest (at 10.5 mm, about .4 of

iPhone 4 and iPad records your every move!

In a recent event which is sure to produce a lot of controversial waves, a team of security researchers have come across  a frightning discovery which puts Apple next to Big Brother. It seems any iPhone or iPad that has been updated with iOS 4 records everywhere you have been to a secret file – the file is also copied

Unstable performance by Android seen as benefit for iPAD

Android is doing an absolutely amazing job in the market, but it’s not all rosy for them. Tablet makers who make their own operating system are trying to take advantage of every wrong step Android makes, and it’s mostly Apple that is actually real competition for them. Recent issues with Honeycomb, Google’s tablet-centric Android 3.0 will benefit HP and Research

[VIDEO] android ‘tea party’ with their human counterparts

Humanoid robots, affectionately called androids, have fascinated SciFi writers for generations now, leading to the creation of some of the most memorable characters in cinema, like Start Trek’s Data or Blade Runner, but as technology keeps progressing the line between reality and fiction seems to get ever thinner. It’s enough to check out the video from above featuring three Geminoids,

In the latest battle, Google Android thrashes Apple’s iPhone

In the United States, every one in three smartphones are powered by the Android mobile operating system, making it leader of the pack with a growth of 7 percent since November, ahead of Apple’s iOS which has grown with only 0.2 percent for the same period of time. This report released by comScore comes as an absolutely delightful news for