Grazing animals drove the domestication of grain crops

This might solve a long-standing puzzle about plant domestication.

Ancient Celts had good taste in their drink, new study shows

The wine wasn’t restricted to the higher echelons of Celtic society — the craftsmen also enjoyed a glass from time to time.

Nitrate pollution in US tap water causes 12,500 cancers each year

Agricultural pollution causes a concerning number of cancers, a new study finds

Researchers hack plants to use less water so we don’t starve when climate change hits hard

These plants will drink responsibly — whether they want it or not!

Pests destroy around one quarter of our crops — even more in developing areas

This is the most comprehensive review of pest-related damage.

Plant roots may hold the key to the next generation drought-resistant crops

It’s an arms race with climate change.

Insect damage to crops will drastically increase due to climate change

It’s kind of like the locust plague, except we’re doing it to ourselves, through global warming.

If the whole world ate like America, we wouldn’t have enough land in the world

We need to be more responsible — starting from our plates.

Study weighs environmental costs of producing animal proteins so you know what to buy

Now you know exactly what your purchases do.

Humanity has contended with rising seas before — and it didn’t go well for us

It’s a bad day when the ocean moves into your living room.

Researchers create the ‘crop hotspot’ map of Mars so we know where to settle

All work and no food would make the colonists very sad. Also very, very dead.

Using rocks for farming could improve soil quality, reduce CO2 emissions

The practice could reduce the need for pesticides, improve soil quality, and absorb carbon dioxide.

Europe’s first farmers mingled with the locals, slowly mixing the communities together

Until now, we didn’t know if the two greeted with a handshake or a bloodbath.

Reinventing rice: New saltwater rice developed in China could feed over 200 million people

It could make a big difference in many parts of the world.

Smartphone AI spots sick plants with remarkable accuracy

In a new advancement, scientists developed an algorithm that can identify sick plants based on sight alone.

German researchers release open-source tomato and wheat seeds to boost research


Early farmers probably didn’t really know how to select crops — but they were very lucky

Domestication could’ve well happened on its own.

Barley’s full genome sequenced after decade-long research effort

A tiny plant with a lot of genes.

Farms could slash pesticide use without losing any yield or money, new study finds

More and more evidence is piling up against the use of pesticides.

UN scientists denounce ‘myth’ that we need pesticides to feed the world

Can we feed the world without pesticides?