Rising seas, rising costs: some $14 trillion worldwide per year by 2100

Maybe start saving up?

‘Sea nomads’ adapted abnormally large spleens to dive to unheard of depths

Natives of Indonesia can dive up to 70 meters thanks to a genetic adaptation.

Ecotopia 2121 shows what perfectly eco-friendly cities would look like

It also has an ‘evil sister’ project!

Research suggests turtle shells evolved for digging, not protection

The discovery highlights how trait functions can change with evolution.

Evolution selects the most effective genes — even by a hundredth of a percent

A new study measuring the forces that shape bacterial genomes determined that a difference in efficiency of hundredth of a percent is sufficient to determine the winners and losers in the evolutionary race.

Study hints at a form of bacterial collective memory

A new study found that whole populations of bacteria retain their tolerance to stressors for a much longer duration than individual cells.