Hello people! If you’re reading this then New Year’s hangover is no more and you’re up and ready to start the new year. Well so are we, and if nothing extraordinarily bad happens, well be kicking it all the way to next Christmas! May everything you wished for twenty ten become reality, and nothing short of that !

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Our resolutions for 2009 2010 (that always happens until February or so) are as follows (it’s quite a lot and it may be a bit optimistic, but bear with us – everybody’s gonna try as hard as they can):

  • Keeping you guys informed about what we’ve been doing and what’s in store in the near future (kinda what I’m doing now, but only via email);
  • Writing more; well, it’s especially my fault (Andrei), because I got caught up in some stuff – not gonna happen, look for daily updates starting next week;
  • Being more careful with what we write – yes yes, I got your emails (which I’m really thankful for, by the way) and I know grammar and … awkward sentencing (yeah, that’s being kind, I know – non English speaker);
  • Last, but most definitely not least – doing more contests and giveaways. We did on before this Christmas, and the response we got was great and a whole lot of people joined the facebook page, and we’re expecting all of you !