© Pimpin Nagawan. Magnificent view in Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia in the morning.

National Geographic invites photographers from all around the world to sign up for their 2013 National Geographic Photography Contest. The grand-prize winner will receive $10,000 (USD) and a trip to National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C., to participate in the annual National Geographic Photography Seminar in January 2014.


© Graham McGeorge. Eastern Screech Owls like to take over woodpecker nests that have been dug out over the years in pine trees. The photographer was trying to take a picture of the next and had no idea three owls were inside.

There are three categories in which you can sign up: People, Places and Nature. Entry fee is $15 (USD) per photo.

There are still three days during which you can sign up – registration ends Saturday, Nov. 30, at 11:59 p.m. ET (U.S.). Here are just some of the most spectacular entries I’ve come across, hope you’ll enjoy them! We’ll also keep you posted on the winners, once they are announced.


© Antonio Chiumenti. Legend has it that a nymph lives under the emerald water of Carezza Lake is a pearl of the Dolomiti.


nat geo 3

nat geo 2

Photo and caption by Jimmy Deng. The powerful, beautiful Steller’s Sea Eagles

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nat geo 1

Photo and caption by Mems Carim
During April 2013 Mashatu Game Reserve had a hatch of Armoured Crickets. while enjoying a sundowner I managed to capture this image. I would not normally photograph these crickets as they are “ugly”. this gives a new definition to “making the ugly look beautiful”


The Fennec is a surprisingly easy to domesticate animals, and it’s definitely one of the most remarkable animals on the planet. Read more about them here.


© Sara Malas. Blue Footed Boobys are known for their silly mannerisms, including their special dance presented to their mates. This fun looking picture was taken in the Galapagos!


© Chris Schmid. Aerial view of the Namib Desert, Namibia, Africa.


© Matt Smith. An over/under water split level image of beautiful crimson red waratah anemones in a rock pool at low tide.


© Ian Schofield. A Little Owl (R) defends its feeding position from a Great spotted woodpecker (L) with both birds showing their full colours with dramatic full wing extensions.


© Erin Wallis. Westley Wade was born pre-maturely at 28 weeks due to complications with pre-eclampsia. In this image, his adoring parents were just told that depending on test results their baby who weighed less than 2 pounds could potentially need heart surgery. Everything was alright, and Westley continues to amaze and surprise everybody today.


© Teruo Araya. Taken at Mishima town in Fukushima pref. The train moves by very, very slowly.


© Graham Erik Mandre. The picture is captured using special hide placed to the primeval forest in Finland. High trees offer protection to the brown bear cubs being vitally important to survive from all dangers around them. Bear cubs are threatened especially by the other male bears, who might attack and take their lives without any doubt.


© Melih Sular. This area known as Çankr Salt Cave and believed that it was operated by Hittites (3000 BC), since 5000 years. This area has the largest rock salt reserve in Turkey.


© Scott Bechtel. While photographing hummingbirds in British Columbia I shot this male Rufous just as he fanned out to show his authority when another male Rufous appeared over my head.