A while ago I was telling you about how big and how dangerous jellyfish can be; it’s all about size this time, as a fishing boat capsized, throwing it’s three members overboard after failing to haul up a net that was too heavy, loaded with giant Nomura jellyfish.

Jellyfish captured in China

Jellyfish captured in China

Each of these aquatic giants can grow up to 2 meters in diameter and easily weigh over 200 kgs. They seem to be more and more of a problem, especially around Japan, and swarms of them are actually not an uncommon sight.

“Jellies have likely swum and swarmed in our seas for over 600 million years,” says “jellyologist” Monty Graham of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama. “When conditions are right, jelly swarms can form quickly. They appear to do this for sexual reproduction.”

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