I’ve received lots of emails from you people regarding climate change; as it turns out, some of you are mad at us because we accept that man-caused global warming is a scientific reality. I’d like to express my thoughts in a simple pie chart:

Bear in mind, peer-reviewed articles are the absolute standard for a researcher. If there is some topic on which scientists disagree, you will find relevant opinions in peer reviewed literature; if there is a solid argument, you will find it there. 24 of the 13,950 articles translates into 0.17% or 1 in 581 papers written by climate change deniers. There is no other active debate that is as scientifically one-sided as this one!

We know man-caused global warming is a reality; it is the paradigm of climate change for us at the moment, much like global tectonics is the paradigm of geology. These are known facts upon which there is a scientific consensus, and excuse me for listening to scientists and not big oil companies, who are the big opposition to accepting climate change. Here are just a few things describing this opposition:

9 out of 10 top climate change deniers linked with Exxon Mobil
Big oil companies pay to eliminate environmental laws
“Climate-Change Deniers Have Done Their Job Well”

Source and more information here.

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