NASA reinvents the wheel with new, ‘chainmail’ tire design

Finally, no more flat tires!

Layers of hydrocarbon haze could explain why Pluto’s so super-cold

Pluto just got a lot more interesting.

New Earth-sized exoplanet found nearby might be ‘comfy’ enough for life

Who knows — this might make a great second home.

Astronomers are on the lookout for low-frequency gravitational waves generated by merging supermassive black holes

An ingenious technique could enable us to witness some of the strongest gravitational waves.

‘Zombie star’ cheats death again and again, dumbfounding scientists

A unique astronomical event is leaving many scientists scratching their heads.

Astronomers find one of the oldest known object in the Universe, formed only a billion years after Big Bang

It’s supposed to be one of the first galaxies.

Researchers discover a planet so big it might not be a planet after all

Too big for a planet, too small for a star.

Enceladus’ hidden ocean is kept warm by porous core

The findings could have important consequences for the prospect of finding alien life there.

What the oldest spiral galaxy can teach us about how the Milky Way evolved

It was around just 2.6 billion years after the Big Bang.

Looking to understand dark matter, a duo of scientists turned the Earth into a huge sensor

Legen — wait for it — science!

Long-term exposure to microgravity changes brain structure of astronauts

Seems like the brain of astronauts starts to float upward.

NASA Scientists find 20 potentially habitable planets

Trick or treat? I’m dressed as a habitable planet.

Boiling water shapes Mars’ landscape, experiment reveals

It’s not heat, but low pressure that drives this boiling.

For the first time ever, our solar system is getting an outside visitor

Put the kettle on, we have a visitor.

Massive 2.3-gigapixel image of Fornax Galaxy Cluster documents galactic ‘serial killer’

You’ll feel very, very small after reading seeing this image.

NASA wants Curiosity Rover to resume drilling on Mars

It took a bit of creative tinkering, but significant progress has been reported.

Cassini is no more, but it left us one of the most memorable photos of Saturn

The spacecraft’s legacy lives on.

How Spanish scientists described a solar flare in 1886

He was one of the pioneers of studying solar activity.

NASA discovers Mars has a magnetic tail twisted by solar wind

Mars has an invisible magnetic tail and it might contribute to Martian atmospheric loss.

Researchers believe they’ve found a great place for a moonbase — thanks to a volcano

Building a moonbase in a lava tube. Doesn’t that sound awesome?