This is the best photo of Neptune we have so far, and it looks amazing

Color me impressed!

Twelve new moons discovered around Jupiter, pointing to a violent past

Jupiter can boast the most moons in the Solar System.

Most advanced air quality satellite releases first open data to the public

We all deserve to breathe cleaner air — this is where this mission comes in.

The constellation Vela explodes with color (and new suns) in ESO-captured snaps

Space — the prettiest frontier.

Comet 67P harbors oxygen molecules as old as the Solar System

I wonder if it smells stale.

Rumors of Opportunity’s death “very premature”, despite three-weeks silence

Hang in there, buddy!

Wind power could be harvested on Mars — and this might be a game changer

This could be a game changer.

Most objects in the asteroid belt come from a handful of wrecked ancient planets

Asteroids have families too.

Uranus may have collided with a cosmic body twice the size of Earth, explaining its unusual tilt

The icy gas giant likely collided with a massive cosmic body about 4 billion years ago.

Astronomers capture first images of an exoplanet forming

All babies are adorable, right?

Enceladus “the only body besides Earth to satisfy all of the basic requirements for life,” Cassini reveals

This small moon has huge potential.

NASA orbiter snaps gorgeous ‘blue’ dune on the Red Planet

This is an enhanced image, though.

The International Space Station just launched a harpoon-toting satellite to keep it safe from space junk

Few problems will persist after a generous application of stabbings.

Juno images Jupiter’s dreamy clouds à la Van Gogh

A rare view of Jupiter’s tumultuous vortices.

NASA updates its plan to deflect dangerous asteroids

It’s the “small” asteroids that we really need to be preparing for.

Mars’ huge dust storm is now a “global” storm

Yarrr, there be a storm a’brewing!

How to “Weigh” Baby Planets

Weighing without using a scale.

Curiosity’s taking selfies as Opportunity braves the storm

Not all of NASA’s rovers are having a tough time.

Scientists find 121 giant planets that might host habitable moons

There’s a good chance life is thriving on alien moons.

Scientists directly image particle jet emitted by supermassive black hole devouring a star

It’s the first time astronomers have achieved this feat.