Earth’s green history may help scientists spot plant life on alien planets

Thanks, plants!

History in the making: Japan lands two rovers on asteroid

This could give insights on the birth of the Earth, and even the solar system.

Astronaut tweets incredible pictures of Hurricane Florence heading for the US East Coast

“Watch out, America!”

SETI project uses AI to track down mysterious light source

Scientists are still in the dark but the new insights place them a step closer to the source of fast radio bursts.

Jupiter’s magnetic field is extremely bizarre, potentially due to unknown processes in its core

We have no idea why this happens — but we do have hypotheses.

NASA finds ice on the Moon — raising prospects of a lunar colony

Finally, something to put in my lunar glass of whisky.

NASA will soon launch a probe that will travel through the sun’s atmosphere — here’s what you need to know

A modern-day Icarus — but this one won’t get burned.

Why Stephen Hawking Was Afraid of Aliens

“Meeting an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus,” he said.

Astronomers find the most distant star ever, looking through a galactic magnifying glass

The findings might help piece together the evolution of the universe.

NASA creates stunning visualization of melting snowflake

Something as simple as a snowflake melting can be very difficult to understand.

Hunt for planets through Kepler’s data with this newly released Google code

Space exploration made easy.

New NASA data reveals many of Jupiter’s hidden secrets

It’s a trove of valuable data, but we’re still just scratching the surface.

Large, previously unknown penguin colony discovered through satellite

How were they able to hide for so long?

Three Old Scientific Concepts Getting a Modern Look

The ancients often got it wrong about science — but they weren’t that far off.

Jodrell Bank, Earth’s oldest radio telescope, nominated as UNESCO Site

The site has had an immense role to play in our understanding of the universe.

Crowdsourcing astronomy: Citizen scientists discover new rocky planets locked in resonance

Citizen scientists found five “musical” exoplanet.

Supermassive black holes eventually stop star formation

Supermassive black holes slowly eject cold gas.

Ever wanted to see how far apart the Earth and the Moon are? Well, now you can

It’s not exactly accurate, but it’s a dazzling display.

Not so dry after all: Mars lost much of its water to the crust

Mars might be abundant in water. The problem is its trapped in minerals inside the planet’s crust.

Enceladus’ hidden ocean is kept warm by porous core

The findings could have important consequences for the prospect of finding alien life there.