Family from Italy can’t feel physical pain because of genetic mutation

This discovery might lead to a new type of painkillers.

Drinking tea might help reduce glaucoma risk, new study concludes

Drinking tea (especially without sugar) is good for you, but having a healthy diet and staying fit are still more impactful.

Parents giving alcohol too soon to kids, researchers say

Kids really shouldn’t be drinking… really.

Fracking linked to low-weight, less healthy babies

Run for the hills! Or at least 2 miles away, as that seems to be the ‘danger radius’.

Novel gene therapy may have cured hemophilia A

It could positively change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Women undoubtedly prefer strong, muscular men, study shows

Science confirms the obvious. But this study is still important.

Heat-not-burn tobacco is not as bad as cigarettes, but still poses risks

The results aren’t clear-cut.

Human-use anesthetics also knock out plants, weirdly, teaching us a lot about such drugs

It’s funny to realize that we’ve been using anesthetics for at least a century now, but we still don’t *really* know why they work.

Intriguing optical illusion proves most humans have ‘curvature blindness’

Can your brain handle this?

Ancient mummy found to have bone cancer

Cancer was already affecting humans 2,000 years ago.

Child’s brain rewires following double hand transplant¬†

This is the incredible story of Zion, the first quadruple amputee child in whom researchers observed massive brain reorganization before and after the hand transplant.

Kids who look at screens before bed time tend to sleep less, get fatter

There are obvious advantages to such technologies, but doctors warn against excessive usage.

Tasmanian tiger genome reveals new clues about its extinction but also surprising kinship to kangaroo

It was also particularly vulnerable to disease well before humans arrived in Australia.

Generic, cheaper Viagra is coming soon to an over-the-counter near you

Viagra improved the lives of millions of men — now, it’s becoming cheaper and more easily available.

Playing computer games could help keep your brain in good shape, new study reports

Super Mario is better for your brain than taking piano lessons.

Woman burns her retinas looking at the eclipse and doctors take the first-ever pictures of such damage

Don’t look at the sun!

Scientists find gut to brain connection that controls hunger — and switch it off

The insight could prove useful to battle obesity.

Hormonal contraception raises the risk of cancer for women by up to 38%

Including the pill, injections, or IUDs.

Intensive weight management can put type 2 diabetes into remission

Want to get rid of diabetes? Just lose some weight.

Researchers 3D-print shockingly realistic human organ models

This could soon pave the way for real, functioning organs.