Slowing Down Cancer by Activating the Circadian Clock

New research suggests we can target body clock genes to prevent tumors.

That ridiculous voice we use to talk to dogs? They actually love it

How to talk to puppers 101.

LSD changes the way the brain reacts to music, study finds

Just imagine a music therapy session spiced up with some psychedelics.

New insight into what makes tattoos last forever could improve laser removal techniques

Tattoo removal might get more effective and less painful, as a result.

Dogs create a mental image of what they’re sniffing for

Pupper power!

Two raven lineages that tied the knot yield evidence of ‘speciation reversal’

Birds of a feather… merge together.

‘Self-aware’, predatory, digital slug mimics the behavior of the animal it was modeled on

Printing brains on PC circuits seems to be all the rage nowadays.

Having a healthy diet doesn’t offset high salt consumption

A right doesn’t necessarily mend a wrong.

Bill Nye Shares Some Facts and Opinions on Marijuana

It definitely wasn’t your average interview.

Human skin bacteria might protect against skin cancer, scientists say

Maybe you should stop using antibacterial soap.

Smiles can both induce and reduce stress — it depends on how you wield it

Use this power for good!

CRISPR-Cas9 scissors can cut through both DNA and RNA

CRISPR is more like a swiss army knife now.

Taking fish oil and probiotics during pregnancy may reduce food allergies

Researchers suggest these findings need to be considered when updating guidelines for pregnant women.

Scientists debunk ‘obesity paradox.’ No, you won’t live longer being overweight

A more thorough analysis suggests overweight and obese people don’t actually live longer than people of normal weight.

Death creeps through the brain as a “spreading wave” of silence and inactivity

In a dark way, these findings are quite soothing.

Breastfeeding provides benefits for mother’s heart health later in life

More proof that nursing is beneficial to mothers as well.

Children struggle to hold pens because of too much touchscreen exposure

Experts say children’s finger muscles have to be exercised by playing with real toys.

Working at a standing desk leads to “muscle fatigue” and “deteriorates mental states”

Sitting isn’t good for our health. But neither is standing. The solution lies somewhere in the middle.

Scientists successfully undo cocaine-induced cardiovascular damage in mice

Modulating a cocaine pathway dramatically reduced heart damage in mice on cocaine.

Put your phone away if you want to enjoy your night out, study suggests

Unlike apps, happiness doesn’t seem to come through your phone.