Anti-vaxx fears fuel measles outbreak in Europe — with 37 fatalities already

We’re all in this together — we can’t let the diseases win.

Why music makes you feel less tired while exercising

Music activates a specific brain region that suppresses the sense of fatigue.

Extinct cave bear DNA pops up in modern brown bears

Looks like some DNA is able to bear the test of time.

Faulty findings, real appeal: the psychology of pseudoscience

Why do some people turn to pseudoscience, and why are they so hard to pry away from it?

There is no safe level of alcohol, according to most important study yet

The risks simply outweigh any benefits. To be on the safe side, it’s best to abstain from alcohol.

Daily e-cigarette usage doubles risk of heart attack

Researchers recommend people quit both smoking and vaping.

Losing sleep can lead to more extra pounds

If you have sleep issues or weight issues, you should read this.

What doesn’t kill you really makes you stronger: post-PTSD individuals experience mental growth

The old adage seems to be backed by science.

Back to Basics: 5 Weight-Loss Diets and How Difficult They Are to Sustain

It does take a lot of willpower — but the results are often worth it.

We finally found the protein that turns sound and balance into electrical signals

The paper puts a long-standing debate to rest.

New research shows how our brains fight the urge to get revenge

When faced with injustice, the brain has to make an effort not to get revenge.

America’s “Organic Dynasty”

Millenials love organics — here’s an overview of the impending revolution.

Coconut oil may be a dangerous health fad, Harvard professor calls it ‘pure poison’

Far from a healthy food, coconut oil may actually do harm.

Blood for universal transfusions might be sourced from gut bacteria

Well, not literally — but they’ll help!

Parkinson’s disease might soon be diagnosed with a simple eye test

There is no cure for the disease but diagnosing and treating it early can mean the world to a patient.

Humor done right helps in the classroom, 99% of students report. Bad humor hurts

In news today: people still like jokes.

Prions — the Revenge of the Cows

Proteins that cause illness are still baffling scientists.

This core thinking error underlies both creationism and conspiracy theories

Maybe this is not so surprising after all.

Almost 40% of teen drivers text while driving

Don’t text and drive. That’s all.

Contact lenses break down into microplastics — so don’t flush them down!

Just throw them in the trash if you don’t want them on your plate later on.