Better muscle mass, not optimal BMI, prolongs longevity for the old

In an obesity challenged society, physicians first recommend the elderly to maintain an optimal body mass index (a weight to height ratio) in order to prolong their lives. A better indicator and predictor for all-cause mortality, however, may be based on the muscle mass index, according to a recent research published in the American Journal of Medicine by a group

Smoking may cause ADHD in future generations

It’s been well established that smoking substantially affects health for more than a century (a bit less than that in official gov records), yet its long term effects on future generations may be more dangerous than anyone might have guessed. The perils of second hand smoke have been proven for a while, but scientists will have a real tough time confirming

‘Heart-glove’ fitted with stretchy electronics may replace pacemakers

Exploiting both the latest in 3D printing and stretchable electronics, scientists at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Washington University in St. Louis have devised a new electronic membrane that could replace pacemakers. The membrane is designed to ‘cloth’ the heart and constantly delver electrical shocks to maintain a constant heart beat rate, avoiding arrhythmia and minimizing heart attack risks. Similar ideas

Disturbed Sleep Promotes Appetite

  Lack of sleep adversely affects a plethora of bodily functions,where typically most of these effects are thought to be cosmetic or fleeting: bags beneath the eyes; an obvious  state of dehydration;and if you’re a student during finals a developed sense of disregard for constructing full sentences. Well, as it happens the excess skin around your eyes and the excess skin around

Five Reasons Crohn’s Disease Prevents People From Working

Photo: Have you been suffering from multiple symptoms that have disrupted your life and your doctor has diagnosed you with Crohn’s disease? While there is no cure, there are treatments that will help with the symptoms and may put your condition into remission. This is great for the short-term but what if the disease is severe enough to take

Obesity in the developing world quadruples since 1980

The world is changing awfully fast, and with change expect many paradigms to shift or crumble entirely to dust. Over the course of a mere couple of decades, world’s politics has changed dramatically. Superpowers have fallen, the Cold War is well behind us and countries which not long ago were considered hallmarks of poverty have significantly changed their status. I

Can You Trust a Breast Cancer Charity?

If you’ve lived in this world for 10 years or more, you realize that you need the help of other people to thrive. Life is better with friends and family you trust. Let a crisis or an emergency arise and the need to lean on others can increase suddenly, substantially. Being told that you have breast cancer is a time

Being able to eat at your desk during the lunch break empowers you

Working through your lunch hour has often been a taboo subject, especially in the workplace – however, it appears that such a myth has been dispelled thanks to a recent study. A few months ago British health minister Anna Soubry stated that office workers must take a full lunch break instead of partaking in the “disgusting” habit of eating lunch

Vitamin D and calcium supplements don’t ease winter coughs, study finds

To improve health and ease drowsy coughs during winter time, you’ll find that some sources, including physicians, advise that you add supplements to your diet in order to boost your immune system. A team of researchers report, however, after performing a randomized study that taking vitamin D, calcium or both altogether doesn’t offer any significant respiratory improvement. The scientists sought

Device identifies and sorts bad germs from the good ones in minutes, instead of days

Your gut is home to some 100 trillion bacteria – more than the entire number of cells in the whole human body. Clearly, bacteria are fond of human intestines, as we humans, unknowingly or not, are fond of them. After all, without bacteria our organisms would be deprived of extremely vital vitamin sources and digestion aids. However, not all bacteria

GM labeling initiative defeated in Washington

Why the US is against GM labeling is beyond me. In the European Union, all products must clearly state if they contain or not genetically modified organisms. However, in the United States, where over 60 percent of processed foods contain a genetically altered ingredient, GM labeling is not required, and consumers remain largely unconcerned about it. Mandatory labeling of genetically

Early morning not the best time to drink coffee

In the US alone there are an estimated 100 million daily coffee drinkers, each contributing to a booming $18 billion industry. Of these, 68% claim they have their first coffee within the first hour of waking up. As a coffee drinker, I find myself guilty of the same practice, but apparently this isn’t the best time to enjoy your coffee.

Fast food companies target kids with marketing for unhealthy products

In 2012, in the US, the fast food industry spent $4.6 billion to advertise (mostly unhealthy products) – with children and teens being the main target audiences. A new report released by the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity highlights some minor improvements such as healthier sides and beverages in most restaurants’ kids’ meals, but the fact that

Herbal supplements fraud: DNA tests reveal powdered rice and weeds instead of labeled herbs

The herbal supplement market is big business, about $5 billion worth if we’re to look at figures. Unlike medicine products sold over the counter, herbal supplements involve little regulation. In fact, the unofficial FDA policy regarding herbal supplements in somewhere on the lines of keep on the shelf until something bad happens. But it’s not the herbs your should be

‘Sprite’ and soda water best cures against hangover

Drinking until the early hours of dawn may be exhilarating for some, however the next day everything seems to tumble over as the mind is assaulted by a barrage of hangover attacks. There are a number of popular home-brewed remedies against hangover: eating eggs, sipping a bit of castor oil, Vitamin B effervescent pills, tomato sauce, work (or anything that

Medical breakthrough: chemical composition of human urine determined

  It may come as a shock to you to find out that the chemical make-up of human urine hasn’t been identified until now – but it shouldn’t. The study which led to this breakthrough took over seven years and involved 20 researchers; in the end, it revealed over 3.000 metabolites (small molecules resulted through metabolism). The results are expected

Men’s height up 11 cm on average since the industrial age

A new study that surveyed through records of hundreds of thousands of men from 15 European countries found that the average height has risen by 11 centimeters since then 1870s. This remarkable surge in men’s height over the span of just four generations has been attributed to the advances in health care since, most notably antibiotics and a massive drop

Skip the juice, go for whole fruit

For some reason which continues to elude me, people are eating less and less fruit – but perhaps the increasing consumption of juice has something to do with this. Now, a new study led by Harvard School of Public Health researchers has shown that eating more fruits, particularly blueberries, grapes, and apples, was associated with a significantly lower risk of

Monsanto pulls GMO crops out of Europe, for now at least

Biotech giant, Monsanto, has been met with a wave of furious protests during the past year in Europe, as the company intended on introducing genetically modified seed crops in the EU. As opposed to the US, where despite the general public is nearly or just as adverse in the face of genetically modified crops, politicians in the EU actually adhered

Food advertised on children websites is unhealthy, study finds

A recent study released by the  Yale Rudd Center found that billions of food and beverage related ads that promote unhealthy products are being served to children visiting popular children’s websites like or This is the first study that assess the content of banner ads and other related media advertising forms targeted on websites that are popular with children. The