Sheep can recognize human faces, new study demonstrates

Sheep may be much smarter than we give them credit for.

Tired brains are prone to mental lapses as whole areas ‘doze off’

Ah yes. The dreaded brain fart comes under scrutiny.

Mice will pick social rules over might-makes-right, hinting at the birth of human societies and laws

The basis of any civilized society.

Science confirms: Spending time in nature really does help your mind

All nature helps, but rural and coastal areas more so than urban parks.

Brain “ripples” experience into memories when you sleep, study shows

Sleep seems to be a keystone of memory formation and retention.

MRI successfully predicts suicidality 9 out of 10 times

Scientists were able to detect suicidal thoughts, but don’t expect to see this in hospitals anytime soon.

Men with slightly longer legs than average might be more attractive to the opposite sex

Maybe it’s time to try some high heels.

Science confirms three techniques for lucid dreaming

One technique had a success rate of 46 percent.

Dolphins can also get Alzheimer’s, surprising new study finds

We really do have a lot in common with dolphins.

Graphology is a pseudoscience

Sometimes there’s a fine line between what’s scientific and what’s just fantasy.

Pictures of snakes and spiders stress out babies: fear of these critters is deeply rooted

It’s not a (completely) irrational fear.

Dogs use the “puppy-eyes” to manipulate you into giving them affection and attention and it works

This is manipulation I can get behind.

Need to improve your foreign language skills? A bit of alcohol will do the trick, researchers find

Booze to the rescue! Just don’t overindulge.

Wolves are better team players than dogs, study reveals, casting doubt on our view of domestication

A wild streak makes them better at cooperating, the team reports.

Some cognitive training games can really boost the brain

One cognitive test widely used in research can improve working memory. The training won’t make you smarter, though.

Big-brained cetaceans have “marine-based cultures” similar to those of humans, study reveals

They only need thumbs to rule the oceans!

Researchers identify brain patterns associated with learning to improve teaching, fight Alzheimer’s

We’re learning about learning!

Surge in pest resistance is making biotech crops worldwide less effective

Some crops fare much better than others so there’s a lot of lessons we can learn.

Starting school before 8:30 AM increases depression risk, researchers find


Why we can’t remember things before age 3-4

Ever tried really hard to pinpoint your very first memory? Doctors say it has something to do with hippocampus overload.