Why we can’t remember things before age 3-4

Ever tried really hard to pinpoint your very first memory? Doctors say it has something to do with hippocampus overload.

Shock therapy partially wakes man out of 15-year-old vegetative state

Even in total darkness, someone is still there.

You don’t need a brain to sleep, and we have snoozing jellyfish to prove it

Sleep could be as old as life itself.

Trying to resist a yawn makes you more likely to yawn — because your motor cortex is wired that way

It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve yawned writing this.

MDMA is now officially labelled a “breakthrough treatment” for PTSD

Researchers have been suggesting this for decades.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) releases endorphins in your brain

Work hard, endorphin hard.

Learning and exploration might drive teenagers’ risky, bad decisions, not poor impulse control

Ah, adolescence… so glad I’m over that.

Talking in a foreign language makes our decision more about utility, less about emotion

The language we use really does influence what our brains are doing.

Scientists figure out the “recipe” for magic mushrooms

Psilocybin has repeatedly shown promise in treating some mental issues — this might usher in a new age of testing.

Feeling bad about feeling bad makes you feel even worse

Turn that frown upside down? No, just accept that sometimes it’s OK to feel bad.

What happens in the brain when you mix marijuana and alcohol

Alcohol and weed can mix well, but only if you’re careful.

We can form new memories while we’re asleep but not the meaningful kind

The implications aren’t clear yet but you won’t learn French in your sleep anytime soon.

Researchers identify anti-hallucination system in our brains

Too bad we don’t have one for use against pseudoscience.

Scientists poke at the root of our need for personal space — using fruit flies

Dopamine seems to be the key.

Loneliness might become a deadlier public health threat than obesity, researchers warn

Quality relationships can actually make you live longer. And better.

Not all video games are equal: some hurt your brain while others improve cognition

Action games that use in-game GPS do not promote spatial reasoning and can lead to a gray matter decrease in the hippocampus.

Cheers! Regular drinkers might live longer lives without dementia

You shouldn’t pick up drinking just yet — on the contrary.

Eating vegetables can fight cognitive aging, new study reports

Nom down on those greens!

Biblical Canaanites live on in modern-day Lebanese people, with which they share 93% DNA

Turns out the Israelites didn’t wipe out the Canaanites after all.

A man’s sweet tooth can increase the risk of anxiety and depression

Bad news, everyone.