Science shows what’s the best time to learn a foreign language

You shouldn’t let this discourage you though.

Want to remember your dreams? Try taking Vitamin B6, new study suggests

A hitchhiker’s guide to remembering your dreams — and your lucid dreams.

Egotists’ brains just don’t care about the future, affecting their choices in life

“Whether the consequences of our choices for ourselves and others are visible immediately or will only materialize in the future, we need to integrate them into our considerations when deciding,” the paper’s abstract reads.

Proper hydration helps seniors get the full benefit of exercise and keeps their minds limber

Everybody should try to stay well hydrated — seniors more so than others.

When mitochondria break down so do our minds, new research shows

When power runs low, neurons start going haywire.

Humans and chimp brains may have a turbo-charged fight-or-flight response

Such adaptations could form the evolutionary roots of human warfare.

Ketamine nasal spray quickly relieves depression and suicidal thoughts

A novel breakthrough that could save lives.

Emotions shape how you see the world — quite literally

Our perception of the world isn’t a crystal-clear reflection of reality.

Six-month old babies can already distinguish between different emotions

Ah, they grow up so fast.

Scientists reverse damage by key gene involved in Alzheimer’s Disease

The results astonishingly suggest that Alzheimer’s effects on the brain could be reversed.

Mysterious vomiting condition tied to marijuana can be relieved by hot showers, doctors say

This is a serious condition that has sent many to the ER multiple times.

Humans as old as 79 still generate new neurons, stirring new debate

The results are encouraging given an aging population around the world.

It’s official: College men think they’re smarter than they really are

Meanwhile, women are crippled with doubt.

Scientists reprogram brain cells that store memories about places

German researchers reprogramed brain cells to investigate how place memories are formed.

Marijuana legalization helps decrease opioid consumption, research shows

In states where both recreational and medical marijuana was legalized, opioid prescriptions dropped about 14%.

Good-looking people are more likely to feel that life is fair

When life gives you lemons… you think of it as a very sour place.

Monkeys’ brain activity syncs up when they watch each other do something

It’s not monkey business.

How to say the perfect ‘Hello’ — according to science

Imagine the most charming person coming into the room and saying ‘Hi!’. With a simple greeting, he or she can convince you that everything is going to be alright, completely gaining your trust. The opposite is also possible — you might dislike someone from the moment they greet you. Now, a team of researchers has analyzed what makes our intonation

Freezing gut nerve makes you less hungry, aiding weight loss

It sounds extreme, but it worked — with no side effects.

Hip hop music teaches children to recognize stroke and act quickly, study finds

Music can save lives, too.