Why depressed people listen to more sad music

It’s probably not what you think.

Device that offers safe, non-drug treatment for children with ADHD gets FDA approval

The device sends a mild electric shock to the patient’s brain that quiets the mind.

Indicators of despair on the rise for Gen X-ers entering middle age, paper reports

“The increase in despair that occurs across the 30s is generalized to the entire cohort, regardless of race, ethnicity, education, and geography,” the authors write.

Taking short breaks to reinforce memories is key to learning new skills or re-learning old ones

The secret to success is to take a short break, often.

Child suicide rates are surging in the US — and we’re not really sure why

The median age of children was 13.

Zapping the brain with electricity reverses memory loss in the elderly

The stimulation syncs brain regions in order to prevent memory disintegration.

Screen time has little impact on teen wellbeing — even right before bedtime

It’s the study all teenagers have been dreaming to see.

Researchers are looking into giving AI the power of reading soldiers’ minds — to help them in battle

Cool research, even if its purpose is somewhat troubling.

The hippocampus is the curator of our memories, new study suggests

The brain has an auto-complete feature for your memories. The hippocampus handles it.

We thought depression arises from just 18 genes — we were wrong, new study finds

“We are not saying that depression is not heritable at all. It is. What we are saying is that depression is influenced by many many variants, and individually each of those has a miniscule effect.”

Researchers identify clump of neurons that block, or allow, frightful memories into our minds

Fear is the mind killer.

Tired? Try looking at a cup of coffee — new research says that’s enough to perk you up

Feast your eyes!

A new study estimates English only takes about 1.5 megabytes of your brainspace

That’s about the same size as…. 3 high-resolution memes or one-tenth of a second of video in 1080p.

Musical training makes your brain better at paying attention

Oh so THAT’S what I was missing!

Movies and shows may help people with attachment issues better navigate their own relationships

Any study that mentions The Office is a good study in my book.

The genders kill differently — and one paper proposes it’s because of our ancient roles

I do like this theory.

Creativity hinges on churning as many ideas out as possible — then taking a break

It doesn’t matter if your ideas suck — get more of them!

Poor sleep might make you more likely to procrastinate

Getting poor sleep doesn’t replenish us properly. Consequently, we don’t have enough mental resources to stay focused on our goals.

Time flies as we age because our brains get bigger and less efficient, a new paper proposes

‘Clock time’ is not the same as ‘mind time’.

Paying attention shuts down ‘brain noise’ that isn’t related to what we’re looking for

You can miss the forest for the trees, or the trees for the forest.